Micro drill source?

Where are you guys getting your micro drill bits? also the orifice cleaners, are they just small torch tip cleaners from the depot or a welding supply store?

Lastly are the micro drill sizes and the jet numbers actually the same? as in a #64 jet is really a #64 drill ( stands to reason which is why im asking.....way to easy)

yes ive searched by the way, but i find stuff for $20 each then whole sets for $7 and im looking for something in between that will last me but not be to crazy expensive



Re: Micro drill source?

Try a hobby shop. They sell sets and individual bits. As for the drill number size corrosponding to jet size. I don't know. I thought the same thig and I think they are close, but I wouldn't go by that until positively confirmed.

I had to clean a bunch of crusties out of my jet to get running and I just slid bits into the hole until I had a nice fit, then I went up one size.

Then I went and bought a new jet. The original worked fine, but I wanted to get my ped to stock before any mods.

Re: Micro drill source?

John Joedicke /

Harbor freight. and get a small drill vise to hold bit. Most jet manufacturere are all different in their numbering systems. Trial and error with the drill bit to check jet sizes then record for future.

Re: Micro drill source?

I spent $20 at a hobby shop. They're a little pricey, but it's cheap when jets are $3, and shipping is $5, then you need a range of jets, etc. Screw that!

No the bit #'s are NOT the same as bing numbers. Theres a chart on the wiki.

Re: Micro drill source?

Ace hardware or a jewelers shop, spent 7 buck there.

Re: Micro drill source?

dentist office has the smallest ones iv ever seen

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