"Pimp" my bike?

So I just recently got a '79 Honda PA-50 ... love it love it! pedal pedal zip!

because it's such a silly little scoot (but I love it!), I want to "pimp" it up ... (what I wanted to do was get some of that purple chameleon paint - pipe dream, the $$ is ridiculous!) but my question is this: I've been getting some flak from family members about lowering the value of my scoot if I paint it ... is there really a huge value to these? would I 'ruin' it if I painted it? should I save things if I replace them (I want to get a longer rack behind the seat so I can bungee the ubiquitous milk crate on)

just for info: I got this from a family member, it stored in his barn. 134 original miles, parked in 1980 and not moved since. darn near sparkling except from where the first owner scuffed up the headlight.

thanks for your opinions!

Re: "Pimp" my bike?

"said molly to james - thats a fine motorbike, a girl could be happy on any such a like....."


Nice start. Dont say scoot tho...

You ped now!

Is it yellow ? if not paint it!

Re: "Pimp" my bike?

my opinion...

if its that nice restore it.

if is was shitty then "pimp" it

Re: "Pimp" my bike?

ah andrewhed, you've got the right of it! wouldn't we all love a Vincent Black Lightning?

it's a sunshine-y yellow, bright and cheery, and it sounds like I should keep it like that ... but I'm a vain little thing, and it doesn't match the red hair, LOL

sam, you're right, I should get the paint retouched and stuff. it's all original, heck it even has the original gaskets and seals on the carb and it runs like a dream!

I like 'ped' better than scoot, thanks!


Re: "Pimp" my bike?

If its yellow , id leave it alone, touch it up and ride it, and get another bike to paint. Those are nice bikes. Go get a red one ( slower ) to mess about with, or anything else. THose yellow ones are a bit hard to come by and worth a bit.


I have a 79 Vincent Moped. It's british, has british electronics and stuff, and a italian motor, and its black. Its not fast tho..only 25

and it doestn have the soul of a vincent 52....

I did buy it so i could say i have a vincent though lol

Re: "Pimp" my bike?

pimpin it is just restoring it to a gangsterfied level of pimpness

so do tha dayum thang

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