clack! clack! ???

half way home from work yesterday my ped started misbehaving.

if i went from a stopped position to full throttle it would make a loud CLACK! noise and feel as if something were catching or dropping out in back. (at first i thought that something was getting stuck in the rear wheel/mags but i checked for that and there's nothing obstructing their motion).

as the ride progressed, the problem started occurring more and more often and i'd have to go easier and easier on the throttle until now, where i have to basically nudge it like a featherweight ever so gently in order to keep it from CLACK!-ing. i can't keep up with traffic at all and it's driving me crazy.

when i put the ped on its stand and rev up the engine from a stopped position, i don't notice the problem occuring. seems like it's only when the thing is actually moving or has weight on it.


oh, it's a 2008 sprint.


Re: clack! clack! ???


o snap, I thought it was shots in tha hood

Re: clack! clack! ???

I'm gonna guess your chain is loose.

Re: clack! clack! ???

I had the same thing happen right before my V1's sprocket broke into 3 pieces.

Re: clack! clack! ???

oh, that's no good.

Re: clack! clack! ???

Pot good for the brain /

there isnt much to a moped so you should be able to guess where the noise is coming from or whats making it. if you have a 08 sprint the sucker should be fairly new, hopefully you took it easy during the break in period. hmm, im going to say that you could have somethign stuck in your gas line. the problem happend to me with a tomos sprint, makes it stall out.

Re: clack! clack! ???

i vote for chain, my targa was doing the same thing for a while. I also heard that the chains strech a good amount, i had to take 2 links out of mine to get it tighter.

Re: clack! clack! ???

If it is not the chain, take it back to where you bought it. Should be still under warranty

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