OT Money $$$$$$

Ok i was thinking while riding down the street, "Hey myself.. While driving a car it usually takes about 50-60$ to fill up with the cheapest gas, So why not fill your moped up and put the other 55$ into a moped improvement fund?

Get what im saying a little bit?

like it only costs 3.fity to fill my tank up so why scrimp when it comes to upgrading the exhuast or kitting my bike, or say i want a sprocket.. why not a solid gold sprocket?

When im getting hookers i could get 2 maybe 3 instead of 1, all this from my savings on gas.

Any thoughts about what you can do with all the $$ saved at the pump or red gas tank in your shed

Re: OT Money $$$$$$

absolutely! That's how I justify all of my ped purchases, but I'm running out of necessary things to buy.

Hmm, gonna have to work on some useless but fun things to get.

Re: OT Money $$$$$$

i used to bike any where i wanted to go how do i justify kitting/performance now? and yeah sure i save compared to a car but none of my bikes run (reliably).

Re: OT Money $$$$$$

Haha yeah i just thought of it and i was about to have sex with my moped because of it.

Its a great feeling when you open your wallet and not have to burn 60$ at the pump

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