Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

Matt Wilson /


Did you ever get around to posting the QT manual?

And how do I make a series of jpegs into a PDF?



Re: Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

We'll need to ask simon how--- I KNOW he knows. You need Acrobat, the full fersion, I think.

Most people have just the "reader"

Yes, I did get them all scanned in, but never got them up on my web page. I did post the wiring diagram, because I knew someone was relying on getting that info.

For some reason the scanner was not treating the doc properly, and I had to put a magazine in back of the page I was scanning. So, I really want to 'crop' all the crap so the manual looks halfway decent.

You COULD always just paste one graphic per page into WORD, and have a 40 page word doc that is really just the manual----presented in a series of images in a word format.

Is there a specific part of the manual you need? Or just the whole thing to have for your bike? It's the owners, remember, not a shop manual.

Anyway, I will try to get this completed. it's been happening in little bits.

Instead of the word thing, you could always make a windows .zip or a mac .sit

I gotta run, but I'll see what I can do tonight. I have a couple free hours.... unusual but true.

Re: Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

Matt Wilson /

I don't really need any of it, I don't even own one. I just like reading them.

I am still interested on how to make the jpegs a PDF

Re: Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

SteelToad /

How many jpeg's are you talking about ? B/W or Color ? and what resolution are they in ?

I'm in the middle of working on something at work where I need to create PDF's, and I could probably put something together for you.

Re: Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

42 B&W pages.... scanned as "color documents" because when it "automatically" processed them as B&W (which they are) it looked horrible...

so, they're in color, but when I crop them I can save as B&W to save space.

Weird...I had to put a color magazine behind the B&W manual to get it to input as a viewable doc. Whenever it scanned as B&W it didn't look anything like it was supposed to.

Toad--- thanks for offering. I'll get those organized, cropped, saved and labeled and converted to B&W and get you a URL where they are stored.

If I can't complete them all tonight, I'll at least have a URL to the first dozen pages or so.

Man, does time fly. Glad to help though.... and Matt, thanks for reminding me. Even if you don't actually need these manuals, someone else will (just saw someone revived the QT oddity post)


Re: Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

SteelToad /

I'm going to guess that you have an HP scanner. A lot of scanners try to "help" you by adjusting the images. When you tell it black&white, that doesn't include gray so it ignores anything that it doesnt see as black and white. Your color magazine trick isn't that uncommon. I usually stick a color postage stamp on the inside lid of the scanner to do the same thing. I would rather crop and convert than scan everyting twice or more.

If you can resize those images to 610x780 it would be a real help. Once I get it working, I'll make the conversion program available so anyone can do it.

Re: Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

Matt Wilson /

I just got the full adobe acrobat program not the reader.

But I can't figure out how to make a series of images into a PDF. Can annyone help?



Re: Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

Matt Wilson /

I just got it


Re: Wayne Manual?? +How to make jpegs a PDF

For everybody else: within the full version of acrobat you can choose "document" and then "insert pages". From there you can choose all sorts of document types (pdf, tiff, jpeg, etc.) and it will add them as pages into your pdf.

Alternatively you could bring them all into a page layout program like Quark Xpress or Macromedia Freehand and print it as a PDF using Acrobat Distiller or the "print to PDF" plugin.


Re: QT-50 Manual

If anyone needs specific pages from the manual, i can get them. I keep making promises I can't keep.....with work and school and tons of other stuff I've been really busy...

if you need something let me know... otherwise I'll let everyone know when I'm done..

Sorry to keep putting it off.

when it's done it will have its own URL



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