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Top gun: best of the best

I was thinking about this too, but i think online this just leads to forum bickering that gets nowhere. Regional top speed trials- (midwest, east coast, west coast) would solve this.

We really don't need bonneville or anything like that- if we just come up with different classes and regulations ourselves we could totally all drive out to said spot and drag along a 2-3 mile spot and record everyones top speeds. plus it would be eyewitnessed and official.

like a mini-rally. it could be a lot of fun.

im gonna brainstorm this for next year.

Re: Fastest in the U.S. 2007

freebird was the fastest gps i have heard of. yeah just wait till i get money then u r all screwed. good thing i am never going to have money so i won't have to back this up :P also races sound cool it is already kinda done at rallys get something official sounds cool though

Re: Fastest in the U.S. 2007

I figured this post would either blow up with people who saw some amazing shit last year or everyone would shy away. I'm not trying to start any bickering just looking for a little insight into who/where has progressed most since last year.

Re: Fastest in the U.S. 2007

This has the potential to be awesome!

Re: Fastest in the U.S. 2007

Not knocking anyone who uses GPS, but I will never trust a GPS number. Too many ways to accidentally or purposefully get inflated data.

Re: Fastest in the U.S. 2007

radar gun or one of those "your speed is XX" signs

Re: Fastest in the U.S. 2007

how do you get accidentally inflated numbers? Im fairly sure that gps is the second most accurate way to determine speed, the first is with a lazer. Radar is almost as bad as a magnet drive speedo.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

shaw was the fastest last year and all years b4, and included with him are colby and pat who he built bikes for.

bikes: tomos w/metra80

derbi laguna w/??? topend

maxi 50cc modified

pinto w/80metra

maxi w/80metra

followed by: (in no particular order w 2007 setups)

jimmy creature---magnum w/gilla

tommy latebird--magnum w/athena, metra65

sean little fickly bobby squid (some say he flew too close to the sun lol)--Sachs general w/athena80

bret creature--moby 50v w/mallossi70 watercooled, doppler50

Dan kzoo (now creature)--Yankey peddler minerelli w/S.A.90

Lee creature--motron w/S.A.80

rufus creature--magnum w/gilla

Peter ghost rider--moby 40t w/polini70

blackball racing team (Bonneville guys)-- minerelli w/S.A.90

Nate squid--Pinto w/metra80

rafter squid--?? can't remember

myself--moby40t w/malossi70

as captured by my eyes at rallys these are the fastest machines and riders at kzoo last year, portland, seattle, arizona, and sacramento.

i'm probably forgetting a few sry...

Re: Top gun: best of the best

to get accidentally inflated numbers is easy. the sampling rate and the way the device gets its signals from the satelites ends up making gaps in the data. the device averages these to get your speed. depending on the way the machine figures out and stores the max value you get easily get inflated numbers. think of the data as a zig zag that averages around your average speed. some of the data points will lie above the average. if the machine uses these to compute the max, it wont be right.

for a test we tried it on a bike that maybe does 40, max GPS speed was 83. what did i do wrong? i turned it on. reset everything. guy went riding. stopped. look at max speed. 83. now you are going to have people all over the country doing this and thinking they are the fastest. so i dont trust it.

side by side or measured distances with light sensors to determine time for me.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

btw its not fastest mph (that can be "inflated" in so many ways) its fastest relative to other riders around u, fuck mph.

I think we should all go off the shaw factor, how hard did shaw blast you by at the last rally?

A: I flew off my ped

B: Shaw passed me? I didn't see anything

C: Shit I think my kit is broken I got blasted by 50cc's

D: I almost had him but then I seized

E: I was in full tuck and gaining, then he looked back, tucked down, and got on the freeway

Re: Top gun: best of the best

Стев Браун /

Matt, I'll agree with you that GPS is not 100% accurate. Nothing is, for that matter.

But I also have to say, I think the GPS unit you were referencing was seriously effed up. I have never had one do that. On one of my old setups, I did two top speed runs with two different units, my Garmin handheld, and the TomTom from my car. One read 46.6, the other 46.8. They have seperate sections for average and max speed.

I think the only consideration that needs to be taken is the grade of the surface being ridden on; you can easily add a few mph on even the smallest of slopes.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

I put 35,000 miles on that GPS, it's fine. I'm positive with more tweaking of the settings and more runs I could have gotten the accuracy to something more believable. I was just telling an example of what can go very wrong. So, now I discount results anytime I see GPS numbers.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

if you feel like your going 40 and it says 83 u know somin is up, but if you fell like your goin 80 and it says 90 then hey maby u were going 90, if not test it on a car, get a vid go to a drag strip and at the end of the quarter mile you get an accurate mph and time so there

Re: Top gun: best of the best

your gps is messed up. mine wasn't really bad shot up all the way to 30 once.

o i gained the most started at 0 went to like 35-40, down hill.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

o and elliot i chose B actually i never saw him he never came to behind the pack :p

Re: Top gun: best of the best

the idea is that everyone uses the same gps and the same terrain. that way there is a constant.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

I could stand on the side of the road and estimate MPH visually.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

u are all forgetting the point, who cares about MPH. best of the best are all the riders head to head.

there is race at every rally on every ride that lasts for miles and miles, all the fastest bikes get antsy then the second one guy guns past the ride leader and its on. Until I got a really fast bike I didn't realize how this worked. At any given rally there are only about 4-8 bikes in this group. we know who we are but 90% of everybody else at the rally has any clue.

Those are the riders i will always consider the fastest of the fast.

no need for sanctioned events, every rally proves who is the fastest, just take the fastest guys at each rally and there u go thats it.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

"I could stand on the side of the road and estimate MPH visually."

lol we call this the craig factor.

ie if craig runs on foot at a top speed of 15mph ( we actually gpsed him with the same unit tommy used) past me sitting stationary on my moped what does that feel like in relation to someone blasting me using the "shaw" blasting solutions?

Re: Top gun: best of the best

fair enough.

i've been reading too much of old rod events in the 50's

Re: Top gun: best of the best

I was not realy going by the max speed recorded by a gps but what the gps says while you are riding it. I have mine mounted to the handle bars, and it dosent even record max. Its all about looking down and saying to your self wow, Im going TWICE the recommended speed for this bike.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

elliot... you are now my only reason for reading anything on the internet.

i felt awesome that my 70cc tomos was exactly yoked with shaws arciero in kzoo... then i remembered that his bike is only 50cc's, then i cried.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

it must feel great! Being the top ten fastest at a rally just going double everyone elses speed in your own league.

One day when i venture out to a rally i hope to be in or atleast close to that bracket.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

Am I wrong in saying that that super fast 50cc bike would be being pushed or pedaled around most of the time in Kentucky? Stock bikes can't take my driveway easily. Hell, a 50cc Slipstream with tall ass gearing could easily go 90 if you were not afraid to die.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

Стев Браун /

Yeah, you're partly wrong.

AV10 with any quality 50cc kit, doubt you would be pushing.

Elliot also mentioned Shaw's 50cc setups a few posts up.

You can do a lot on 50cc.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

hippys 80 gila ...66mph all day everyday, the whole time at kalamazoo.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

I think the mini rally thing would still be fun.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

Someone tell hippy to come to brobq. I want another 60+ bike to blast with on the freeway. Also, someone willing to ride just as stupid/more stupid than me.

Elliot's list for 2007 is pretty spot on as far as I can remember. So far the list for 2008 is looking pretty similiar.

I prefer the blast method of who is fastest compared to gps as well. We can all throw numbers out there, but it all comes down to who was at the front of the pack at the last rally.

Yellow fairing club 08.

Re: Top gun: best of the best

jester the idea is to have flat even ground strips. and to see who is fastest in 50cc, 65cc, 75cc, 80cc, 90cc. that we don't know. but again, im looking to organize this in the midwest if there is interest in it- if nobody wants to do it than ill forget it.

shaw is kinda that nerd in math class that throws the curve for everyone else. minus the few people cheating off his tests. not that that is a bad thing.

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