A Parking Ticket!

I locked my 200 pound motorcycle to a post in downtown Pittsburgh, and got a parking ticket. The cop was a ninja, and I consider myself blessed to have seen him in action - a big group of people were walking down the street, and he just sort of ambled out of them, slipped an already-written ticket between my tank and seat, then walked into a nearby mall. A minute later, he drove by in the cruiser he had parked out back.

Are they really that afraid of talking to me?

Anyway, I guess I'm going to contest it. Technically, I was in the wrong, but, again, my motorbike weighs 200 pounds. Once, I slipped and dropped it, but I caught it an inch above the ground. I've picked the whole bike up by myself before to move it.

What do other people think? Here in Pittsburgh, we lock our mopeds to bike racks (totally cool). As a result, there are always scooters locked to bike racks (which is completely not cool - these things are HUGE and have trunks and passenger seats and helmets and all kinds of stuff hanging off of them).

Motorcycles in the downtown area are just parked in out-of-the-way areas. Sometimes I park mine where a few other bikes are parked, and mine is the only one that is ever locked to anything. The rest are just protected by gravity, I suppose.

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funny that he was a ninja about it, but youre wasting youre time fighting it if youre so obviously in the wrong.

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are u really big or something?

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Ha! No, I'm a little lighter than the motorbike.

Okay, I lifted the bike, yes, but not over my head to wade across a stream or anything. I just heaved it over a few feet.

Or, do you mean that I might have scared the cop? I don't really think he saw me, I think that was just his standard operating procedure.

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Why fight it if you are wrong? In mn I got yelled at for parking my mc on the sidewalk infront of a c-store...the cop had been watching me as I had untill that afternoon only had a instructional permit and I was out at night(a no no in mn with a permit) But since I had my full endorcement only 6 hrs old lol! she said don't park on sidewalk and sulked off. In MN you can park a motorcycle on the street where ever you can legally park a car. I have locked my mopeds to posts bike racks etc and never had a prob. I park motorcycles when I own them on the street. My 2 cents.

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I just got yelled at for locking my moped to a bike post. The mall security told me that he will give me a ticket if I do it again and I have to park it in the motorcycle parking area. My moped is a lot smaller than the bicycles that are chained up to that post.

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I lock my ped to bike racks whenever they're available, the exception being when the bike rack is located on a sidewalk. The odds are good if I asked someone they would tell me it's okay, but they'd probably regret it when my carb leaked oily gasoline all over the sidewalk.

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I wish. I contested a parking ticket for my PC50. I claimed that because a person could simply pick it up an walk away it should be classified the same as an electric bike or a plain bike. Nope.

If I have a plate and insurance I am compelled to park on the street. Motorcycle, moped, scooter or car they are all the same.

Liability is the issue... My moped parked on a sidewalk could fall on some geezer's foot. The city of Victoria would rather he sue me than them. If my moped is unlawfully parked on a public sidewalk I'll get a ticket. no doubt.

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I believe that you are all correct that it was legally incorrect for me to lock my bike up on the sidewalk (and that contesting a ticket would be a bit silly).

Still, I don't agree with that particular bit of legality - if you have to lock it up (which you do with a light motorcycle or a moped) you really can't park it on the street - are you supposed to just ride around until you find a place on the street that happens to be close enough to something you can lock up to?

I'd want to contend the ticket just to say "Look, I used common sense, and didn't hurt anyone. Your ticket is legally correct, but it's hardly sensible and it hurt me."

Also, a bicycle is 90% of my transportation - I'm never going to get over the habit of locking up my stuff. I own two locks that are actually capable of securing my car to a post, if I should ever need to.

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I got a parking ticket in Chicago yesterday for 'Parking on the sidewalk' when I was locked to a bike rack. Sons of bitches.

Anyone know an airtight way to contest and get out of it?

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yo. dont waste your time. pay the ticket. i used to park illegally downtown EVERY DAY. i just paid the ticket that i would get once a week on average, and i still saved money. and i dropped my honda shadow and picked it up before by myself. does that mean i can chain it to a pole? haha.

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I once bought a snowmobile from a really shady dealer. When it quit he said it was because I let it idle. Even though it had "the best engine ever made" you apparently can't let Yamahas idle lol. At any rate it was a POS so I chained it to his truck bumper at night a week later ;)

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ok, that post barely applies to this except for chaining things to inappropriate objects

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Chaining to inappropriate objects. I wish mopeds were more like women in that respect.

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In some locals you can protest the ticket and make mr/ms oinker come in and explain. In the USA you still have the right to confront and cross examine the acuser in some situations.

Giving ticket is also about getting money for the government.

I beat 3 awhile back. But they made me wait maybe 4 hours plus and the "officer" never came. Likely I had to wait as a lesson.

Some years ago I also put that officer "X" does perverted things with animals using informal terms carved into the metal.


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