Help my moped is crap i got it all fixed and i cant get it to idle and it floods on me and the clutch is stuck on but the clutch is starting to work i need the most help on the idle and about the flooding i have a pc50 hope you can help cuz im fet up iv peen fixing it for 3 months :(


When it floods, does the carb dripgas? if so, it is you float needle or float that's to blame. That is what shuts off the gas when the carb is full. Find a carb diagram and see how the float goes in and make sure it's working. It could also be a bit of gunk stuck in the valve holding it open.


James Morse /


It floods? Sounds like a stuck float, or the needle valve for the throttle jet is no set right. Stuck clutch? Change the transmission fluid (typeF), It'ss free up in a week or so, most likeley, and then when it is working good, change the fluid again (that is the most neglected part of a moped.) 3 months? What were you doing to it?? I overhauled my puch in 2 hours (but it took awhile to adjust everything), did you rebuild the engine?

Getting a PC50 to idle

Do you know they put an idle speed adjustment on carbs ?

Have you trided turning up the idle speed ? (screw goes IN to turn the idle up)

Is the idle mixture screw set at about 1 1/2 turns out ?

If both those have been adjusted.. then your carb might still be dirty (inside) ... or it is assembled wrong maybe.

Have you ever adjusted the valves ?

(how did your pushrods get bent that one time?)


no the float is ok because win the moter is off no gas comes out of the over flow


allmost rebilt the hole moter but it dos not take transmission fluid it only takes moter oil. will the clutch get stuck if it dos not get used for 2 years.

Re: Getting a PC50 to idle

i dont no how the push rods got bent before but i got no push rods and the vavles got set today and iv got the carb cleaned up good in side it been in cleaner fore 3 weeks and blown out 3 times and win i adjust the carb to slow it down it speeds up then slows down the stalls.

Stuck clutch plates on a Honda 4 stroke

A Honda PC50 is a 4 stroke .. he'd better not use ATF in it.

Bill .. Yes .. those multiplate clutches aften get stuck when they have sat for a long time.

The plates will often stick together.

You can take the clutch plates off and there might be rust between the plates .. clean them off and sand them smooth then clean them and re-install.

Note the correct order of parts as you take it apart.

Assembe it the same way as it came apart.

Sometimes just riding around on it will 'un-stick' them.

Re: Stuck clutch plates on a Honda 4 stroke

i had the cover off but it was stiff but i could move it by hand i rode it for the first time today and i had to bum start it to get the ped to move it started to slip the way it was sapost to work but its still stiff it will not run win the weel is stop will that un losein its self??


whats the carb setings the left screw is 1 and half and whats the right one set at..

Re: Stuck clutch plates on a Honda 4 stroke

> start it to get the ped to move it started to slip the way it

> was sapost to work but its still stiff it will not run win

> the weel is stop will that un losein its self??

It might .. I have had some 'break loose' themselves just by riding .. but they had a lot more HP than a PC50 .. Another 250 I had .. would NOT come unstuck.. I had to take it apart and clean and sand them like I already described to you.

PC50 carb screws

I'd have to see a picture of the carb to know which screw is which

Re: Stuck clutch plates on a Honda 4 stroke

the drum of the clutch and the pad things are ok but win i had the moter cover off the clutch pad arms were working ok and were not stuck on it just stiff and will not work right

Re: PC50 carb screws

well the right one is for the thing that lifts up and down for the throtel.. like my spelling lol

Re: PC50 carb screws

Well the one that lifts the throttle up and down... is set wherever it takes it to get the idle right... there is no 'specification' for it. ... but its usually with the throttle just a little bit open.

As far as the clutch .. if all the plates are not stuck together ... maybe the clutch cable is just wasted ?

Re: PC50 carb screws

it has no clutch cabil its a slip clutch mo revs make it come on

Centrifugal clutch ?

Alright .. maybe I had the wrong idea .. is this a centrifugal clutch ? .. like 3 'shoes' spinning inside a drum .. and they fling outward as the RPM rises?

But they are still grabbing even at slow speeds ?

I wonder if there isn't some corrosion in it somewhere .. making the 'inner' and 'outer' parts stick together ?

Re: Centrifugal clutch ?

yes its a Centrifugal clutch


James Morse /


It definitely will! My Allstate's clutch acts up after a week of sitting, but clears up after a short time. Keep the oil clean, and it should clear up.


ok thanks. its starting to work better but i can drive it on the road to make it work even better because i dont have my plates or insurance yet.

illegal ped in Canada

Be careful about the 'no-plates-no insurance' thing .. a guy on this forum posted a year ago about doing that in Newfoundland Canada on a ped ... they gave him over $1100 worth of fines and tickets.

Probably not the same where you are ... but ...

Re: illegal ped in Canada

my friend road his ped with no plates no insurance and no ownership and no helmet and had to people on it and got a $150 fine.

Re: illegal ped in Canada

i have not even put a mile on my ped cents i got my ped

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