Stock speed on a Vespa Si?

Nicolas Anbeek /

I recently acquired a 1984 Vespa Si and was wondering if anybody knows the stock speed on these things. The speedometer is in km/hr and right now I'm hitting about 55 when it's warmed up. I'm thinking about putting on a performance exhaust (do they even have these for Vespa mopeds?)...

Thanks for any insight...

Re: Stock speed on a Vespa Si?

I think they had a 25MPH and a 30MPH model... I have a Grande, which is pretty much the same engine...You can get performance pipes for the Si at , which is overseas, or try . You will probably have to talk to Fabio at VSS to find out if he has any pipes in stock...

Re: Stock speed on a Vespa Si?

Thanks for the info, I'll be looking into it!


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