what looks better@@@@@

What do you think looks better a tomos targa lx without the side panels and front plastic and no front fender.....

or a tomos targa lx with the front fender and front plastic, still no sidepanels cause i sold them as parts....

thanks jason

Re: what looks better@@@@@

do what u think looks cool i personally took off my engine cover and left it like that

Re: what looks better@@@@@

I think the no side cover, since I don't like a moped that thinks it's a crotch rocket.

I do like tomos, tho, so that's not my reasoning.

The fender, though, you need. Or you'll end up like my bike, with the engine block all corroded because you have all the road spray flying up onto it.


Re: what looks better@@@@@

u need fenders the rest is optional

from the guy with none on his bike

Re: what looks better@@@@@

haha yea.. was about to say.. fender=face full of shit and engine full of shit

Taking the side panels off is cool its like a modern magnum in a way.

I like it both ways just because its pretty uqniue

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