hey all,

i live in nyc and i just bought a 1990 tomos bullet. does anyone around here know whether or not i can pull off registering it as a class c? or if not, who i should get insurance from? thanks.


Re: insurance.ugh.

Chris Hernandez /

try calling your local dmv or checking a website.

Re: insurance.ugh.

spork Guarnierius /

Yeah, if you call the DMV Technical Services Bureau at (518)474-5282 they can check their list to see if that was classified as a class c moped. Some peolple on here have just gone in and told the clerk that they'd like to registter a class c moped and had that work even if their particualr make really doesn't qualify. If you do have to get insurance, I got Progressive in NY for pretty cheap (about $70 for my first ped).

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