Greeting from Bermuda - LAND OF 50cc's!!

So....I know this was posted a while back from some dude who went here with his wife.

I just competed in the Newport-Bermuda Race (my 2nd one) and am here in the land of two wheel transportation!!!

Yeah, yeah, it's mainly scooters. LAME.

But there are some slick Yamaha no-peds here that I think have 2 gears, maybe 3. They rip! If you took off the stupid leg guards they would look pretty cool. There are also a MESS of awesome, small 70cc motorcycles from all vintages and makes.

Very cool.

I miss my moped, though, and I HATE my fucking 'T-Rex' scooter. My Moby would destroy this thing.

Re: Greeting from Bermuda - LAND OF 50cc's!!

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cool that you're in a moped friendly environment... only no (actual) mopeds!

have you moved there permanently or just visiting?


Greeting from Bermuda - LAND OF 50cc's!!

I visited Bermuda a couple of winters back. Someone could make a killing with a Tomos dealership there, I'd suspect.

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