I fear change...!

I was wondering why post are showing up so differently ??? Im not against change like the title might imply (lol). That is to say im not against change if it is for the better, im not 100% sold on the new format if that is in fact what it is. Anyone want to sell me on it? Won't be easy...lol

Re: I fear change...!

Odds are you deleted a cookie and you're no longer in Flat View / Threaded View.

Up above your orignal message, it says:

Forum List | New Topic | Go to Top | Go to Topic | Flat View | Search

Click on Flat View (It might say Threaded View, whatever the case, the link toggles the type of way you view the threads)

Re: I fear change...!

did you change from flat view to threaded view or the other way around?

Re: I fear change...!

LOL...errrrmmmm just give me a minute while take off my dunce cap....thanks for the info!

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