Re: Here's some help

_"You know what you are? You’re a beard with a freak attached to it."

That is what I’m told every time I ask for help. Because I don’t have boobies. It’s not my fault. I just wasn’t born with them._

Mike up for auction are these nice hand crafted cheap Chinese boobs. I'll start the bid at $.01 with a shipping and handling at $95.32.

Re: Here's some help

toe fur threadkiller /

this thread sucks. it makes me want to quit the internets.

i'm getting off this thread.

no apologies!

peace. jerry.

Re: Here's some help

niiicee You kiss your mother with that mouth?

go put your Avrial Lavigne CD

Re: Here's some help

I want to know what sucks aabout it..

It in General discussion, it is about Mopeds and philisophically its gotten some thinking goin'

Yeah I think we all get all eliteist about shit and really have no idea what we stand I thought Id draw a line here and there. Fuck it!

Re: Here's some help

hey I just got here whats going on?

Re: Here's some help

Ha. *

Re: Here's some help

Hosenst. if you dont stop posting responses to your own responses




Re: Here's some help

I dont care what you like douchebag

Re: Here's some help

you dig?

Re: Here's some help

Im outta step with the Woorld!

Re: If I was a girl everyone would help.


dont you mean WOMEN??

that girl stuff went out in the 60's

welcome to 2008!

Re: Here's some help

Katelyn... you rock my world!

Totally awesome post!

Re: Here's some help

That's either the worst joke or most ignorant statement I've ever read in all my years on this site!

Re: Here's some help

Dude, you totally don't need help if your STOCK FOXI goes 38 mph!

Re: Here's some help

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

..Why is this back on the front page? shakes fist at Daniel

Re: Here's some help

please, just let it die... I really dont care who helps who or who does what , from the # confused responses, I feel like its pointless to try to make sense to the inane.

Just let it go...

I did

Re: Here's some help

How awesome would it be to have a bunch of hot girls help you fix your moped when it broke?

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