early 60's puch advice

so I went to look at a moped this evening, and it seems to be an early 60's puch like this one...


The guy was told it was a 60/61, but it looks pretty much identical to this one, except red and cream. Same muffler, engine, etc... it's a 2 spd, shifter on the left grip. Speedo indicates up to 45 mph.

The one I saw needs a back tire, seat, shroud for the flywheel/magneto thing, float for the carb, choke lever, and some new cables. He said there is a cable that you pull to engage bicycle mode, but that cable looked pretty f'd up.

The paint and inside of the tank look pretty nice.

I'm considering this as a second moped. It has compression. Seems like it would go without too much effort... (he replaced the float with a cork one, says it ran for years that way)

So I'm wondering what are parts availability like? Where would I look? I know there is a lot for the newer ones. And any performance mods for these old ones? Like exhaust, etc?

I think he's hoping for ~$600 CDN. I'm torn. It's a little too vintage for my tastes, but then it does have a certain charm. I'll make sure it fires and listen to it run before I spend that much.

So I'm just looking for opinions... if I decide I don't want it... anyone else? I could buy it, part it out, or ship it.


(oh yeah, there is a crazy bar with footpegs mounted under the tank... some kinda farm boge for cruisin!)

Re: early 60's puch advice

Hmmm so it must look like mine then

There is no cable to put it into "bike mode." Maybe that cable is a decompressor valve. There were leg shields available for those, and that's what those pegs must be mounted on. I've only seen maybe 2 pictures of the leg shields as they are ultra rare, and I don't care for them really.

Here's the place I shoip for parts, and the only place I know of in North America.

"Motor West Inc":https://www.motorwestmotorcycles.com/shop/

Also you can shop in The Netherlands here...

"Rinky Toys":http://www.rinkytoys.nl/

Not really any mod parts for them. I ride mine daily, even through the winter. It's my favorite moped ever! Pedal backwards to engage the back break. I have been through mine and others like it, so if ya need some questions answered I will do my best to answer them for you. I also have a manual on CD. It is for the earlier version, but almost exactly the same.

Please don't part it out. These are sought after bikes. If you don't want it, someone else will. If you ride it for a day, you will never want a different one. Oh, and they do about 35mph top speed if tuned right. Mine's doing about 32 or so right now.

I hate the original seats, but you can get replacement rubber covers for those at MW. I just use old Schwinn or similar bicycle seats, as they fit.

About the only thing I see on your list that may be hard to get will be the shrouding. If it's just the vent cover, you can get those from Rinke, at Rinky Toys. Every once in awhile a motor or parts pops up on ebay. I usually look under "Allstate Moped."


Re: early 60's puch advice

Deezy, you beat me to it.... "ask Deezy."

Re: early 60's puch advice

thanks Deezy!

yep, it looks exactly like yours, except a little bit rattier... It has grey magura grips. it's missing the rack too.

It's just the vent cover that's missing I think, so thanks for that link!

Given your endorsement, i'm reconsidering again. There aren't many peds around these parts.

And the bar with pseudo pegs, I'm pretty sure somebody just tacked it onto the frame. It just does not look right.

Re: early 60's puch advice

Yep lose the bars.

Mine had grey grips originally, but they were in sad shape. I put the black ones on from another one I had.

I have 2 1954's, the one 1958 that you saw, and my brother has a really nice 57.

The styly you are looking at, you can put it in neutral, and pedal it over to start it without moving the wheel at all. I like tha, as it just seems cooler to start it sorta like a kick start. The 54's through '57 have a little bit different set-up inside, so they just lock the pedals in place when in Neutral.

You still might be able to find that cover at Motor West. Ya might have to call him and ask. His name is Matt. There are the two types like I was saying. The older version vents are a little smaller, and round. The one you are lookin at has a sorta bite mark out of it, where it is near the pedal shaft.

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