quick california moped question about reg.

hi I need to register my bikes and I found out that all you need is a bill of sale to do that here but the problem is that I dont have a bill of sale for any of my bikes and I was wondering how much hassle this could cause.


Re: quick california moped question about reg.

Does it have CA plates? If so, DMV will fork over the info about the previous owner for $15. Do you have the Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO, generally tells the CCs, HP, VIN & engine number). If they can trace it, and it's not hot, you should be able to pull it off. Unfortunately, it depends on how much of an asshole is on the other side of the counter. Don't get irritated, be patient with them, even humor them a little (in other words, kiss their ass).

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Re: quick california moped question about reg.

All four are not hot and I have no paper work or plates for any of them.I know for a fact that two have never been in the system and one I built from scratch from ebay parts and the other one I dont know the history of ecept that i sold it 9 years ago and I now have it back though a twist of fate.

Re: quick california moped question about reg.

Have any friends who know how to write?

Re: quick california moped question about reg.

So I could just have some of my friends right up bills of sale and the DMV does not check up on those things?

Re: quick california moped question about reg.

Fill out DMV Doc. REG 230, send this in with a statement noting the following;

Date acquired by you and from who. / Make & model / Year / Frame# / Engine# / $ amount of purchase or if it was a gift.

(remind them that the older peds never came with VIN #'s so the DMV uses the Frame#)

This is basically a statement of facts and if you send this, REG230 and a check for $18.00, they will issue you a plate which is good as long as you own the ped. It also will come with registration papers which can be used to transfer ownership if you ever sell the bike. And if you do ever sell any peds, draft a bill of sale (this can be hand written) then take it to the DMV and sign a release of liability form in case the kid who bought it gets into an accident which he eventually will. A lot of people don't realize that the laws have changed since they owned a ped in the 70's and 80's so they think that you don't need registration or a license for a Moped. Rule of thumb is if it is used on the streets, then it needs registration and you need a license. Always remember to get insurance (cheapest possible liability only should cost under $100.00 maybe a little more for multiple peds)

Never buy or sell any vehicles without filling out a bill of sale at the time of delivery. Its just too risky.

Enjoy the amazing speed of 30mph!


Re: quick california moped question about reg.

This posting seems fairly old so I am not sure if this problem was ever solved but... if not and if anyone else seems to have this same problem, go to my posting on California Registration. All of these replies, while they may work to get your bike registered, are not necessary or even completely true. So again, if this issue is not solved OR you are having the same issue in California with your moped. Go to my thread and figure it out the easy way. GOOD LUCK!

my thread:

California Registration, no paper work, plates...


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