keep or trade

should i keep my fa 50 and make it go fast, porting and welded up biturbo at the least at the most kit, carb good pipe. or trade/sell for a moped/motor bike. i kinda want to keep it but it has given me a lot of experience, joy,independence,close calls,a swearing habit,and a lot of misery.

my definition of experience is what people call there mistakes :P

idk what to do

Re: keep or trade

Tha FishSticks /

keep it. i always wanted to do a fast pa/fa 50:)

Re: keep or trade

Trust me when I say FA50's can go fast (With work mind you). Just ask Nathan Bandit.

Re: keep or trade

lol i could be completely wrong but isn't his slow :P

Re: keep or trade

Jake Shaughnessy /

trade that shit.. nopeds r lame, and r scooters in my book

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