ACR 512 Austin mopeder needs support

Last night during our weekly ACR 512 ride, three of our members were involved in a wreck. Lester was riding a Maxi in the middle of our pack when his bike seized/locked and he began to skid until he was hit from behind by another member Luke on his silver race bike. They both took a dive while the silver race bike spun right into the path of Carla on her Pinto who hit it head on. She flipped over her handlebars landing hard on the pavement with her moped landing on top of her, resulting in a broken elbow and possibly a broken finger.

To help cover the costs of her needed surgery in the next few days Austin Mopeds/ACR 512 are trying to help in every way we can think, including setting up a donation fund to help cover medical expenses. If you can contribute anything your kindness would be greatly appreciated and not forgotten. Moped riders are family, always wear a helmet.

To donate click the link below:

ACR 512 "Going nowhere fast"

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