ok.. a bit embarrassed.. but.. I weigh about 360lbs.. what i need to know is.. will a tomos revival actually move with me on it?

Re: fatboy

***Kim Jong illest*** /

im 6'5 280. and my moby still rocks the block.

Re: fatboy

you many want a kit to help not with all that extra lbs

Re: fatboy

keep the stock gearing and u should be fine

Re: fatboy

I'm hitting 300 and have a 1978 Honda Express and a 1982 Yamahopper. Both work just fine, despite me and the peds' ages. Granted, I am not getting top speeds (although the Yamahopper is quite fast), but they pull me just fine.

Re: fatboy

I was 250 (started Weight Watchers) & I've lost. However, I have two vespa bravos; one stock, and one with performance-enhancing drugs (pipe, carb & hi-flow air filter). Just comparing the two, the modified one hauls my fat ass around a lot better: hills, acceleration & top-end. Apples-to-apples comparison.

Enjoy the ride,


Re: fatboy

tomos revival will moveyou just as fast as the next guy, i mean everything things based on powerVSweight ration, but as long as you dont touch those sprockets youll be moving along with everyone else.


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