Aquiring titles...(IL)

How hard its it to get a title in Illinois?


I've got no bill of sale for either of the bikes I want to title, so could anyone hook me up with info?

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Call the DMV first (1-800 252-8980)and have them check the vin to make sure it's never been registered in IL. If it hasn't then you need a bill of sale and a 65 bucks, proof of insurance and taxes for the plates (35ish??).

I'm waiting for eeyore to give me my bill of sale so I can do the same thing.

If you don't have the bill of sale then you need to post a 1.5 bond of value and provide a estimate and a sworn statement of where you obtained the moped.

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Tyler Jacobson /

ouch i spent many hours in 2 delaware DMVs today. arrived at 10:30 left at 3:30. trying to get a VIN check then title and registration. i finally left with a title and plates but gosh it was torture! it sucks when people just say NO when they really dont KNOW. the best thing seems to be to fake a bill of sale from a non titling state and just act like you know what u need. i think nebraska and north carolina maybe on that "no title" list too. or get that one dude to send you mmm michigan registration for like $40. ahhh i just needed to vent.

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

email me.. might be able to help.

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Alex figured this out:

basically….this is what you need

bill of sale (anyone can make up a bill of sale. Buy some receipts and get creative. Have your buddy sell it to you)

RUT-50 tax form (fill it out at the DMV, it’s 25 bucks for tax)

Application for registration and title form (fill out at DMV)

Then it’s 60 bucks for a title to get made….and 30 for the plates

about 130 all together.

p.s. make sure you go to the DMV downtown ant the tompson center cause they know how to fill out all the stuff properly.

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Not only that they are use to just pushing papers through. But then also tend to be a little bitchy so be nice.

Nice goes a long way

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Yeah, I just registered and titled mine in IL and nice goes a long way...especially getting this (usually older person to reminisce about peds). Anyway, they were pretty lax, but I had a title. I don;t think they really looked at the title. They simply give you two forms to fill out before you jump in line....I would just be really straight up with them.

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Can someone walk me through fakin a bill of sale?

I really wanna get this shit titled before the weekend of the 11th.

Do I just need to get a friend and go to a currency exchange or bank and make up some bullshit?

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)


What about insurance? Don't you need that to register a ped in the ill noiz?

My Exact Bill of Sale


To Whom It May Concern,

The intent of this letter is to confirm the sale of my Moped to BUYERNAME on DATEOFSALE



Description of the Vehicle:







Mileage: 666

Seller’s Contact Information





Buyer’s Contact Information








Witnessed and Sealed before me on this Day

Re: My Exact Bill of Sale

Above, I posted the actual Bill Of Sale I used at my DMV two weeks ago... Just Change the Values,

Center "Bill of sale on the Top" and make it a bit bigger, Space everything nicely,

Then, With your friend, Go to a Bank (Wachovia worked fine for me) and ask to get the document Notarized. The Notary will Sign and Seal it After they've verified Yours and Your Friends Identity

Re: My Exact Bill of Sale


Thank you very much.

Gonna get that done this week.

Re: My Exact Bill of Sale

Attached a screenshot of it. Worked like a charm at my DMV...

For all intensive purposes, it IS a Bill of Sale (it doesn't need to be official or anything, just notarized and detailing the information about the sale)


Re: My Exact Bill of Sale

Ian Email me I'll see what I can do for you.

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Ian Email me I’ll see what I can do for you.

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

do you guys think I would have better luck...

a) getting a sticker from Michigan, then using that to register my moped at my local DMV

b) going downtown with a possibly fake bill of sale (probably get it notarized?) and go to the DMV at the thompson center and do what wayne outlined above.

which method has greater success?

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

anyone? don't want this to get buried

Re: Aquiring titles...(IL)

Have you called to see if your ped has been registered in IL yet. Call the DMV and ask them just give them the VIN. If it hasn't then it's a lot easier.

Shoot me an email. Then I give you my number so I can tell you of my plan. It will work with 2 or more people needing to register.

I'll only do this it the vin umber is clean.

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