Re: Call the Cops on me lately?

yeah, that's lame. the kid is a douche though. he should have AT LEAST came to look at it and verified it was his mom's BEFORE calling the cops. I mean, what if all of your weed paraphernalia was sitting out? ;)

Re: Call the Cops on me lately?

Yeah damned hippy. Stay off the grass man.

Re: Call the Cops on me lately?

Well, thats the issue i have right now. I live in a 3 family apartment, and the downstairs neighbors were so sure i hadnt stolen the bike they just opened the garage door , pointed to the bike and said "andrew would never steal a bike" which is true,

but, Nobody but the landlord can give the police concent to do a search.

i reminded the police of that this morning, and they kinda said "ah....i guess your right, but the thing is , we knew you didnt steal it and were just trying to get the lady to stop calling us"

You can never tell what exactly went down. Cops and People that have had thier peds stolen, not exactly reliable sorces, both will tell you what you want.

Perhaps the local fuzz has noticed i have bikes and thought this might be a nice chance to take a peek in that garage.

too bad thought.

the kid was gonna meet me at 6 tonight and look at the bike. i wish he had just written down his mom's VIN and looked at mine then said - naw im not interested.

i hate drama.

Re: Call the Cops on me lately?

Its a good thing the kid didnt just come by and try and take a look himself thou -

If you have seen "king of the hill " and know the character dale, my upstairs neighbors are like Dale, but Real Dangerous.

As in like looking for an exscuse to shoot someone dangerous........ That would have got ugly.

Kinda like dale combined with Jack Nicolson in "the shining" but with real guns.

Maybe he did swing by. The first thing anyone would have noticed was closed circuit tv camera's and warnings about them, and a whole lotta nra stickers. Not my choice for a housebreak lol.

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