Hey Harold!

Are you ever gonna try live rally coverage again?

Re: Hey Harold!

yea... and mopedTV was sweet! do we get to see more? haha i know youre busy with moderating and your own endeavors but hey.. i liked it.

Re: Hey Harold!

blood drive baby. i got so many new tecno geek live broadcast gadgets too. i am sooooo beyond duct taped helmet cams.


Re: Hey Harold!

I miss MopedTV...

Make it come back. I have no life.

Re: Hey Harold!

well the whole point of mopedtv was that i made it so that anyone could do a show. all it takes is a webcam and an internet connection and you have access to a virtual tv studio that basically is the equivalent of 250,000$ worth of hardware.

i dont have the time to do it consistantly. i will be promoting the ability to control the tv station yourself at the rally. i would love to see people do their own shows on it.

Re: Hey Harold!

Yeah that stuff was awesome!

Re: Hey Harold!

toe fur threadkiller /

i wish i wasn't computer stupid.

then i would have a show!

Re: Hey Harold!

I'd watch that!

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