Yo guys do you know where to buy good handlebar grips? the Stock tomos ones are really bad and have zero grip to them.

Would bike ones fit?

If your confused i mean the part of the handlebar you put your hands and twist the throttle.

Forget what there called haha sorry :)

Re: Grips

Yeah, Bmx grips work great! I use Primo V-Grips on all my peds. heres a tip. Stretch them from end to end a few times and use spary glue when installing them. The spary glue in the grip will act like lube when wet and prevent them from spinning later when dry. The strecting just helps loosen them up so they are easier to install

Re: Grips

Generally moped grips are two different sizes, the left one just goes straight on the handlebar, so the inner diameter is smaller. The right one goes over the throttle so it should be a bit larger inner diameter.

Re: Grips

Get bmx grips. The throttle-side grip should stretch accordingly.

The AME Tri grips are a very nice stock replacement, and are mega cheap.

Re: Grips

ケサムツグ チノカコサ /

you can get grips at any motorcycle shop just look for 7/8" grips. one will be a 1" for your throttle. easy.

Re: Grips

These grips are great and come in pretty much any color! I have an oragne set and a white set

Ouri bike grips ... they are easy to install and can stretch over the throttle easily..

as with other things in life ... a good trick is to rub spit inside the grip and it will help it to slide right on.

Re: Grips

i have these grips, too, and they rock. the colors are awesome.

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