Exploding Puch!

Well, not in the sense that you were probably thinking.

This is my 3D exploded Puch diagram...

In the category of "Projects will expand to the time and resources allotted" - I had put this Puch back together a few weeks ago. Replaced the front fork with one that worked, but it was a different color. The green paint on the frame was scratched and rusted is quite a few areas, so I was just going to touch it up.

First thought was a bottle of Testors like I used on my metallic red Moby. The areas were going to be a bit large, so I decided to spray it instead. To get a nice match I went to an auto paint store and had them mix up a pint. I have reducer and hardener and a hand spray unit. Of course, to do a good job I should take off some pieces...started dissembling, and just kept going til I had it completely apart again....so, I took it to the sandblaster/powdercoater!! Pick it up tomorrow afternoon. So, from a $2.00 bottle of Testors to a $200 powdercoat job, all in one day. Doh! It's gonna look sweet though.

Re: Exploding Puch!

Ha ha niiice!

Thats gonna be awesome

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