MS50 not charging

Dan Haines /

Hi there, my new ped is suffering.

I've noticed that the turn signal have become very weak, and sometime stop flashing all together and just stay on.

The static voltage across the battery terminals is around 6.1v, and when the motor is running and some gas applied this drops to 5.9v.

Would seem like the magneto is not charging and needs replacing.

Would you folks agree, or throw some other suggestions in?

Re: MS50 not charging


I only know of the early 50's Puch MS50's, and it couldn't be one of those. What brand is yours?

Re: MS50 not charging

Dan Haines /

Yamaha MS50, similar to the QT50


Re: MS50 not charging

hehe looks like a miniature chopper.

Re: MS50 not charging

mine runs on a 12 volt battery also replaced flasher unit

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