Need special tools

Does anyone know where I can buy a flywheel puller, clutch puller, and bearing puller from? I'm planning on rebuilding my E-50 but I'm lacking that equipment. Thanks.

Re: Need special tools


I have all that stuff you're looking for, and you're welcome to borrow it (as long as you promise to give it back!). I'm in GR.

I've rebuilt two E-50's in the past few months - easy to do.

The Wiki has an excellent guide to it - I suggest printing it off.

You should stop down at Founder's on Monday night around 7 - 7:30 (on Grandville Ave.) and meet some of the locals.

Re: Need special tools

For flywheels, you can use a 3 jaw gear puller.

Clutch puller, you can build a puller with 2 m6 screws (they go into two threaded holes on the clutch), one larger bolt and nut (to push on the center of the crankshaft, and a piece of 3/4 inch square tubing (drill holes in it and use it to make the big bolt in the center pull on the two screws threaded into the clutch)

Bearings I've removed by grinding them apart. once you get the outer race and balls out, just grind on one side of the inner race, once it gets thin enough, it will crack and slide right off.

Re: Need special tools

That sounds great. Just yesterday I was talking about going to Founders with one of my friends on monday to meet some of you guys. Thanks, I'll be there.

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