Zack-1 Sebring-4

But I scored the last point, and that's what counts.

I finally got one of these damn things working again. It was a good feeling.. There have been moments recently where I started to doubt that I was any good with these... Then I realized that I'd been buying crappy broken peds for a while, and my two best runners I'd 1-sold, and 2-got halfway through kitting (fucking peugeot with their fucking tapered flywheels.

I got a new piston for Sebring from Chad Burke (CHAD BURKE!) a while ago, but one of the old exhaust bolts sheared off, and it wasn't until today that I spent enough money on a pair of vice grips to twist the fscker out..

Btw... 1800degrees at maybe 15-30degrees per solid grab is a horrible thing... It took me like twenty minutes to get that thing out enough that I could grab it with something that fit down there.

But.. it runs! At 25MPH! With almost no brakes! And barely any Idle! And hates to Restart!...


Did I say it runs?

Yeah, it's a bitch, but I can work with it from here, at least until I find a new puch bottom end to slap on the rat, that starting with a screwdriver at the BBQ was really a bad idea. I mean yeah.. it was the rat-spirit, that's what it was all about, but that doesn't mean anyone should ever jam a foreign object into their transmission repeatedly.

And mobys.. fucking mobys..

What I should really do (and I could have done it in the past) is buy a moby that works already. I've got enough parts to fix masses of them. Hell, I've given away a bottom end for one, and an engine for another, and still have all the spare parts I need to build like, two more. But short of ripping one of them apart, replacing everything, praying to god, and spending weeks on the repair forum.... Shit, why haven't I done this yet?

Oh well. The point of this post is to declare that I'm out of my sorry 'no moped' state. This weekend I'm putting the CB in a storage unit near my house, and it's all ped again from there.


P.S. If you felt obligated to read all of this, I'm kinda sorry. I think it was mostly just to make me feel better about myself.

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

i wish i would have bought it

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

No you don't, it hates people.

Didn't you sell yours?

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

yah, im sebringless, i want one more than ever now, fuck

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

Arrgh, Awesome Zack, welcome back to the land of the living (peds)!!

I know how you feel, rrggh, it took me like 7 FUCKING hours today, in 90

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

If you truly hate it I'am looking to buy a running sebring engine gearbox...carb would be good but not required..I have a pipe..(stock) I have a cylender but an empty gearbox!wtf! and a siezed bottom end graciously donated by a ma member...but no time to assemble the shit and no manual to go by anyway..if you choose to sell a running sebring engine/gearbox please let me frame tank seat and tail cone are all in exe shape as are all my cev lights and switches and the mag rims. Seems to have at least a front brake, rear has no cable or a throttle cabe..but then there is no carb so whatever. tires are ok would trade for a complete express or qt-50 preferably titled and plated+cash of course! I could do a swap in of a running engine/trans but do not have the time to mix and match from the parts that I have...the Sebring looks cool in my dining room though!

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

oh yeah my petcock is not right it is loose in the tank, but at least it is a rust free tank and it is now indoors!

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

Yah, I've got like, a decent line of people who want this bike.

I stand by my statement that I will one day find something to love about it.

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

Good job guys.

Willie, are you going to Omaha today?

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

Nice Zack, bought time you got one running again. Hit me up when I get back about that e-50 case, might have one to trade.

Willie- check the spacers on your clutch. Have a safe ride if your leaving today and call along the way.

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

I will trade all sorts of things for one.

I think it's really the crank/bearings/clutchbell/starter plate/starter lever that needs to be replaced.. Case itself should be good..

Have fun in portland!

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

for those who dont know, willlie is riding his magnum into my arms

Re: Zack-1 Sebring-4

I think "into me" would have been good enough...

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