Re: To the dude with the Honda 50

"Hokey section of Boston"? Try pushing a moped home along Melnea Cass in the middle of the night...yikes.

I have every intention of being up and running for the next ride!

Speaking of which.... my dad is coming up to Boston tomorrow to help me get it running. Vegan brunch at 11, Honda Express fixing to commence thereafter! Anyone who wants to come over, email me I live in South Boston.

Re: To the dude with the Honda 50

amanda, i would go for the vegan fare, but i will be in ye olde connecticut buying a moped at precisely 11.

jay - its like some sort of magical thing thats happening. there are, like, 5 parts to this clutch. its so simple its ridiculous, which is why this is driving me insane. there is no reason i can think of for this to be happening.

Re: Anyone up for a ride TODAY???

Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!!

Wait a minute.....I asked on the repair forum if I needed a clutch cover and dudes told me definetely. So, your saying it's totally fine if I don't have a clutch cover? It won't fuck anything up?

The choke lever is like what evs you know? I just hand pull the cable to start it anyway you know. I would like one however just to make it complete, doesn't have to be a batavus one, anything would work.(motobecane) Do you have one mopedjay?

And the chain tensioner(thanks for letting me know what it's called without making me feel like an idiot!) You have one? That's rad! Is there anyway I could come check you out mopedjay? If so we will exchange e-mails and do the damn thing!

Jay- I would def. be interested in that. If you could set me up with that e-mail I would be psyched. Like I said, I don't care if they are not original parts......I just want to ride, but if I could get the original parts I'd be super stoked and 75 bones sounds worth it to me.....I have it right now like I could def. do it tommorrow.

Thanks so much guys

Re: Anyone up for a ride TODAY???

you can come check me out all you want but sorry im not really into guys


yeah im usually around you can stop by il email ya my address

im in haverhill which is like 35 miles north of boston off I495

Re: Anyone up for a ride TODAY???


Re: Anyone up for a ride TODAY???

Moped Jay, Jay, Or any other Bean town heads.....Are you guys still up? I wanna go for a ride in the morning, super early, but I need to know one thing for sure......Is it in any way shape or form, bad for my moped to go riding without the clutch cover? Is it o.k to ride it for a short period of time without it or do I just not need it at all? I eventually want to get it but I've been holding off on riding because some guys on the repair forum said not to. However, you guys are the ones that I trust the most and as far as I'm concerned, you guys are THE authority on this shit. If you can, please respond tonight.

p.s mopedjay-I def. wanna come up and see you, even if it isn't for dinner and a movie

p.s jay-I'd love to grab that thing for 75$ could we try to make it happen?

Thanks buds


David Paul Armsden

Re: Anyone up for a ride TODAY???

its fine to ride without it as long as youre not riding through mud or rain or bunch of dust.

i dont know that guys number. email simonsez, he might still have it.

Re: Anyone up for a ride TODAY???

I'll be available to ride after 10....

Re: Anyone up for a ride TODAY???

Jay-Awesome man, I emailed simonsez and I hope that he has something awesome to say......haha.....get it.....simonsez,.....say...haha..I'm a genius. Anyway, thanks for your help bud. If I can get to the reg. before wed. then I will finally be able to meet you and all of the other faceless friends that I have from the message boards.

Quick Quesion?

Is there a god-damn governer on my Batavus V.A? I was crusing on Flat tonight and the pin wouldn't go over 25mph. Is this just a harsh fact of life or is my shit restricted and I am just to noob to know?

Re: Quick Quesion?



Re: Quick Quesion?

Andy, what are you doing still up at this hour? What's bartavi?

Re: Quick Quesion?

Im up lookin or Sunday riders!

Re: Quick Quesion?

just got in from the pub. This happens LOL.

Bartavi is a Batavus. Very well made, heavy and slow peds. Total quality, but it seems like eveyone wants to get one and make it do 42, then they get kinda grumpy when the dont do it.

That dude Jay, he's got a really pretty Bartavi. Its one of the prettiest 70's peds in my opinion. I like em ,but i dont get it when people complain that thier batavus's only do 25, cause, hell, thats what they did brand new.

Re: Quick Quesion?

I also find it funny when people think mopeds should go faster stock then 25 -30...

every once and a while you will grab a derbi or a garelli thats just nutty out of the cage...or a murray..they were quick if 2 hp...

and Moby's , if you got a 30mph,it was good for 34

but the rest...

They were legistlated ( in mass ) to go no greater then 30, but you were not to exceed 25. So in the minds of those crazy batavus people, thier ped was right on target.


last wednesday i caled off work sick and made it on time to meet up. i get off work at 7 this wednesday. can you guys organize a time to meet up with me?

Re: Quick Quesion?

shut up andrew. i need my bat to go precisely 88 miles per hour. ive rigged up a big wire to a clock tower in downtown jamaica plain that im going to drive under precisely as it is struck by a 1.21 gigawatt bolt of lightening so that i can travel back in time to april 2006, when i will buy a vintage magnum for $300 instead.

thats right. i made a time machine.

out of a batavus

also, my friend just got a fucking sweet allstate frame for free. unfortunately, it has no motor at the moment. i almost fainted when i went over to visit and saw it sitting there.

Re: Quick Quesion?

joe, that might be tough, but im sure we can somehow make it happen.

Re: hey

Hey Joe

It shouldn't be a problem

Re: hey

Jay, the way I see it, if you're going to build a time machine out of a moped, why not do it with some style?

: )

Good luck in CT today!

Re: Anyone up for a ride TODAY???

i have never had a batavus with the clutch cover on it

the cover just makes it look pretty it wont even keep the dirt out of it cause theres a big hole in it for the belt to go through

its fine run it

Re: Quick Quesion?

nah i got my bat up to 40 with a home made expansion chamber and some clutch mods and some porting plus a 15mm carb

Re: hey

but then you should use a motobecane and not a batavus

Re: hey

hahaha, Don't get me wrong, I'm most certainly not complaining. Growing up near the city, I never got to ride anything! (go carts, mopeds, dirtbikes, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, scooters, go peds, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jetskis) Nothing! It was just me, my hutch bmx(i raced), and my skate(been skating for 22 years now). So when I bought my batavus and got it going, that was the first time ever that I was going that fast without somehow using my own legs. It was the fucking best! The speedometer says 25mph but I honestly feel as if I'm going like 50mph! It's the best feeling in the world! But like any junkie, I want more! I realize that I need a different bike to get more speed and I'm in the process of saving my dough just for that reason. I'm also taking my baby up to mopedjay in the next couple of days so he can help me put a chain tensioner and choke lever on it. Thanks to everyone for all of your help. I'm so stoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David Paul Armsden

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Anyone riding in Boston today??

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Can someone post Moped Jay's number (or email it to me)? Or if you're reading this will you call me? 203-233-7702

Alternatively, anyone have a Honda Express piston they'd be willing to part with?

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

oh we talked about this, you can have miiiine :)

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

was it really siezed

i just emailed you my number but i dont have any pistons around the one from the urban express was junk

Anyone up for a ride tonight???

Lets get out and ride!

email or IM me to get my attention!

Re: Anyone up for a ride tonight???

Yes, it was seized. One of the wrist pin clips came off and made a lovely little wrist-pin-clip-shaped gauge in the piston. Also it's all cracked at the back. Wah.

Cylinder seems ok after being honed though.

Good news is that the starter spring is fine. And that my uncle is sending me a new piston and cylinder for free. Things could be worse.... no way it will be ready by Wednesday though.

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