Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

_can you ride more that 4 miles without breaking down._

if we make this a rule i'm out for the season!

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

WOW Jay!

Great video.... and in the dark!

it really has the colors and feel of the road!

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Sorry again Peter, that was definitely not quite what we all expected...if you need any backup explaining, I'd be happy...

I'm thinking Castle Island would be great. I also want to do Revere Beach/Nahant loop soon - but we all have to be prepared!

My suggestion to everyone for next Wednesday: Definitely get your rides ready the day before if possible! _If you doubt your moped's reliability, bring it to the meet early or network with some of us ahead of time to get it running right!_

Now that we have a nice group forming, nobody has to fight repairs alone...

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

the internets, patrick! or your neighbor's old barn. if you mean actually new, tomos link

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Thanks againn to everybody who helped my silly stranded ass last night. I'll be showing up on a puch for the next ride. The Jawa has to wear a dunce cap and sit in the corner for at least a month or two and think about what it did.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Can I tell something I know about plug chop without some dickweed taking offense to it and stating that I'm going for the record posts in one day?

Well can I?

A true and accurate plug chop can only be achieved with a brand new plug.

A plug chop is done by accelerating (riding not standing) to full throttle and holding it there for no less than 45 seconds. At 45 seconds immediately and simultaneously release the throttle and kill the engine.

Pull the plug.

This is a plug chop.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

I just might take you up on this Phil.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Stop it Susan! You've just been in a patch of misfortune that you need to step out of. I see in the future.... Susan, sitting on, not pushing, a kickass shiny ped that starts first time every time, never needs fuel... okay, so I'm still a bit sleepy from last night and was dreaming.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

unfortunately this "patch of misfortune" is my whole life, peter!

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

No no no. All you need is a good bike Susan....and when you get it, just don't look directly at it. That way the curse doesn't have time to settle in.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Sorry if I come off a little crass today, as I haven't had coffee but this is what needs to be done. We've had successful rides before with the khZ, and the key is staying together. That means:

NO DAMN GAPS: Hitting your top speed when you know there's traffic stopped not too far away? Awesome. Trying to race the ride next to you for a moment where someone can have clear line of sight where you're going, and then stopping for ALL of the rest to catch up? Do it! Having a line of mopeds stretching about 1/4 mile long down a road with ALL the speed demons up front? Unacceptable. We have to tighten it up. Stagger each other but keep close together! At the end we got it - someone quick was at the back as well making sure we all stayed together.

THE LEAD HAS TO BE AWARE OF THE REST: The front half of the group MUST be aware of the slower half. That could mean stopping and taking a head count, or just looking back and noticing that HALF THE DAMN GROUP IS 200 MILES AWAY. If you think that one moped knows where everyone else is on a multi-exit road, you're going to get people lost.

CELL PHONES: Great to have, even better when someone gets lost. That is, provided the other party picks up. So if you know that a part of the group has fallen behind, stop and call. And keep calling till you get someone. And DON'T LEAVE before getting in touch with that person. Getting stuck on route 20 - seeing a call come into my phone and then us calling back and getting no answer SUCKED. We can't leave anyone behind...especially with new people coming into the group weekly. EVERYONE WAIT TILL THEY HEAR FROM THE OTHER GROUP. Especially if we're hoping to get more people into the group, this is key or we'll end up leaving new members in random towns.


All in all, I think our rides are great, we just have to learn to stick together more. Everyone's responsible for the safety of each and every one riding in the group! Safety as in not only when people break down, but not getting lost in an unfamiliar place. We all just have to tighten it up and we'll be fine. On a side note: We are growing pretty damn quick - while we only had about 9 last night, we had only a handful of people from the first ride - that's an amazing growth in one week!

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

phil -

i just thought i should let you know that i have wrested the levers of power away from the you, and am now captain. there will be a special election to determine who the future, permanent captain will be. unfortunately i am the only one on the ballot, and voting is mandatory. also, since we are in a state of emergency, i am invoking my special, extra-constitutional powers, and your moped now belongs to me.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Okay, that was awsume, I couldn't see shit on those back roads. Phone #'s are key, walky talkys would be better. Unfortunatly I'm gona miss next wednesday I'm going to Plymouth for the week. Ill scope out the riding at Miles Standish state park, I think we could camp and ride there.

Jawa dude if you need anything for your maxi let me know.

Peter are there any proformance pipes for the pacer, all you need is like 4 more MPH. Not that I mind riding slower it's those magnums you have to watch out for.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

can i be the mascot, since i'm always walking?!

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh


Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Ill be treasurer so now you all owe me money or your ride will be confiscated, and sold for scrap.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh



Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

i'll do it, who's with me?! i call front.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Hey Phil!

Not crass at all and your points are well taken....

When we were riding on that stretch of rte 20 I looked back and saw a long string of headllights and thought we were all in line....

when I turned left onto the smaller road it was a wicked steep hill and I had to speed up to get going and I looked behind me and saw a few peds I thought everyone was behind that group with josh and Joe and were following... so that's something we will have to be more aware of in the future...

As far as the actual route goes I don't think those back roads are dangerous at all... they are well maintained and dont have potholes on them... and considering we only passed 2 cars the whole way there is no reason to ride in the shoulder since we pretty much had the whole road to ourselves!

Sure theyre not like the roads in downtown but they are a lot less boring...

I've been riding those roads forever and have never even seen a cop...

If we hadnt started so late and headed out there right from the other side we couldve gone across 20 into Lincoln where there are no cops...

Maybe we could ride a route a few days before the ride so you can get your bearings in daylight so if we do night rides there you will know exactly where you are..

They roads in Lincoln horse country are the nicest country roads anywhere... and are awesome in the daytime too!

Anyway.. I havent had my coffee yet so I'm heading over to the Au Bon Pain in Harvard for breakfast ))

IM me later tonight and we can chat!

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

Here Here!! ROFL!!

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

I'll be the horse's ass.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

I wannabe Sgt. at Arms. I'll wear bandoleers of moped drive chains, with two canteens of two stroke oil on each hip.


Moped - 13th letter in the alphabet, Army - 1st letter of the alphabet.

How to post multiple pix in one posting

I know it's been explained but I can't find it. How do I download and post multiple pix from last night?

Re: How to post multiple pix in one posting

host them wherever you want - flickr, shutterfly, photobucket. then take the links to those images, and post them with exclamation points directly at the beginning and end of the link text.

To the dude with the Honda 50

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

Not all rides go this way. Come on back. Make contact with some of us and let us know what you need help with.

Re: How to post multiple pix in one posting

I find it alot easyer to just post the html code and then you dont have to deal with the little marks on the out side of the links.

Re: things that happened on the boston ride tonigh

_Life's journey is not to arrive at the end safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, "Holy shit – what a ride!"_

Re: To the dude with the Honda 50


From an outside perspective , from someone that wasnt there, i gotta say, the description of above sounds like my worst nightmare.

Here's why, and a few observations:

i dont know boston or the surrounding w towns well enough to be frigging around in them getting lost if i got seperated, especially at night, with no means of contacting anybody else.

i have a few unregistered mopeds ( ok i have 9 ) but for riding around in a group leaving from the same place, id be sporting a registered bike...

im all about the communication and having some rules lol

having people that dont know the area firing around on 25 mopeds in the dark aint the hottest idea. Jawa dude somehow getting on or near storrow drive on a jawa? OOGH.

Daniel outrunning the cops LOL?

People running crazy ass bikes that are unreliable and they know it? maybe that could be like special needs group or something, or the Hail Mary part of the game, (this doesent include mopedjay cause you know he's gonna get it going lol ) but those dudes should ride together, and split the duty of carrying extra thyristors and moby condensors.

I dont know how some people do it with the on and off brand bikes, i congrat you on your persistance , but shit man, maybe the crazy bike is for just riding around and the reliable one is for riding with others ?

( of course this last statement is absolute proof that my puch will shit the bed the first time i ride with ya, and ill get towed back by a moby)

people riding together in the city is gonna attract some attention, and would probably best be addressed by following simon and phil's ideas...or this has the potential to turn ugly or someone could get hurt. Boston can be fun, but some places just aint for frigging around. Id rather people used this as a way of kinda learning what needs to happen in the future.

i wasnt there, id just like to support those who think that working proactively to make sure the next ride aint so crazy.

Re: To the dude with the Honda 50

in all honesty, as crazy as it sounds, it really wasnt that bad. i had fun overall. we just got a late start after trying to help jawadude, and therefore ended up riding in the dark. were it not for one unexpected turn that lost three of us, and a lack of phone numbers, it would have pretty much been fine.

jawadude broke down on a short stretch of memorial drive, off on the wooded shoulder. storrow would have been a whole different, and way more terrifying animal. memorial between harvard in watertown is pretty wide and, by the time you get out to where we stopped, a lot less heavily driven over.

Re: To the dude with the Honda 50

ps, most of the riding on the 45mph dark road was the result of us looking for the rest of the group, who had in fact ducked out on a side road. i will ebay some communications devices as soon as i can.

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