new guy with a maxi

randomly picked this up from a friend after looking for decent bicycle frames all day for $100. it's a '77 puch maxi (i think)

pic is pre-fiddling .anyways i cleaned the sparkplug and got it running, but it needed a new throttle cable......which i'm still waiting for.

already aqquired some stuff. put on some bmx bars and bmx grips, removed the front fender, put on some decent new rear shocks, and i have new tires and a biturbo sitting next to it. oh yeah i had a question about an upjet with an intake and an exhaust. i heard that i should upjet about 2 sizes, but i can't seem to find what the stock size is.....maybe it's from all the smoking who knows. anyways hope to learn some stuff on here, meet some people, maybe cause some havoc.

Re: new guy with a maxi

The size is typically stamped into the side or top of the jet.

Re: new guy with a maxi

yeah i have a 1980 maxi and mine was a 58. im buying a 60 and 62. read up the wiki and freds guide they both help alot. here is freds guide

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