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Greetings from S.E. Michigan!I just picked up a 1975 Dixie International Road Runner moped at an auction sale for$65! I understand this is a rebadged Motobecane mobylette.It is in great cosmetic shape,but missing a couple things,the motor was stuck,but I unstuck it,but the crankcase had water in it.I took it all apart,the main bearings are rusted,so I am in the process of locating and purchasing the needed parts to bring this machine back to life!Pics will come soon,and I am already starting to look for a second one!

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I just bought a set of Moby bearings that I don't actually need. Let me know if you'd like to take them. $30 shipped.

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do you have the seals too?If so I will take take them

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welcome!!! enjoy putting it back together and getting it running. please post some pictures.

good luck, Mike

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