cleveland mopeds unite?

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so hey there all you crazy MA doodz and dodettz....

i'm a NOOB from the 216 and i'm looking to

a) buy my first moped


b) ride the fuck out of it.

so far i'm almost done with the first part of my nefarious plan to put myself into certain danger, because i'm going to hopefully buy a moped within the next 7 days. all i know about mopeds are what i've read up on this website/forum, and youtube videos like this one:

so if there are any cleveland moped doodz out there, lets get together and ride and ride. i'm thinking the flats, the industrial flats, ohio city / tremont / detroit shoreway, etc etc.

if any of you have some advise for a first timer that would be swell as well.....

so far i've got....

1) rust in your gas tank is a problem

2) um..... fuck oil injection it's all about premix

3) 40:1 bitch!

4) magnums are teh hotness

5) solex = slow

6) ???


Re: cleveland mopeds unite?

I'm in Chagrin Falls, I'd be down for riding sometime. I've got a Honda SS50 for sale, but I'm going out of town on Friday and will be gone around a week.

Re: cleveland mopeds unite?

dude, I used to live in lakewood. back in the day I knew some kids with puchs and tomos's out in bay village. But I was a youngin' and they were big kids.

Cleveland is perfect place for a moped, I don't know why there aren't that many.

Re: cleveland mopeds unite?

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my GF lives in bay village and i never see any 'peds out there.

but cleveland is perfect for mopeds! especially at 2 am when there's no one else on the roads!


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i just shelled out 220 for a 89 sachs mopet!

only 272 miles on the odo! looks legit!!

basicly this guy had it listed on craigslist, and when that sebring in put in bay was listed here as sold, i called him up and went out there to check it out. guy had installed an inline fuel filter, cleaned the carb, gotten in running when the throttle broke. not the cable, but the plastic end of the handle bar where the throttle cable attaches....


272 miles original

220 dollars

doesn't look like a pocket bike

already has an inline fuel filter

only needs some elbow grease to get back on the road


rust in the tank

throttle cable needs to be epoxied to the grip, or need a new throttle grip (can i go to any bike shop and get one, or what?)

had to go way out to lorain (waah waah, i know)

needs a new air filter

needs a new spark plug

so that's my story. i am now going to post up in the repair forum some of these issues (cause guess what i'm a total noob!)

right now i don't care about modz or kits or anything else. i want it to be stock and reliable and runnnin right, then we can talk exhaust kits intakes and other "ish"

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