Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

Okay, I think I'm going to be away from my computer till at least Saturday night, so I won't be here to get to read all the hot-off-the-press news about how much fun all of you are having. (So jealous!) As such, all of you are required, yes REQUIRED, to take an insane amount of photographs and videos. Anyone who does not contribute an adequate amount of rally documentation will be subject to a beat-down. It would be better for all of us if I didn't have to give anyone a beat-down, so I suggest y'all keep busy with those cameras, ya hear?

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

yup....and i still have a million things to do!!

The food outside on saturday ...there is a charge...but the food inside is free....don't ask i am not sure either.

KC kids!!!!

Hey KC kids!

My name is Stephanie and I am a recently ordained Spokeslady in Denver. Funny thing that KC should be my first rally to attend, because it is my hometown! My momma lives on 47th and Genessee :-) So yeah, I am super excited to meet all of you!! Oh, and the boys here are telling me specifically to say hello to Chuckles. Hi Chuck!

See you guys soon,


Re: KC kids!!!!

Hi Stephanie...Awesome...soon we will all be riding...SO EXCITED!:

Re: KC kids!!!!

Do you live with your mom here steph? I dont live too far off from 47th and Genessee. Im happy that you will be able to make it. Last night the burnout box got pre-assembled and if I am correct everything is in order but the maps.

Im taking a half day today and we will end up meeting at chucks a little later before we go down to Washington for the meet and greet.

Re: KC kids!!!!

toe fur threadkiller /

Denver has a girl!

shit, i wish i wasn't missing this.

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th


we're rollin' 7 deep on interstate seventy as i write this, we'll be there super soon:)

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

toe fur threadkiller /

the spokesmen should keep on cruisin' east after the rally, and then come live in their bus in my field.

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

right on....hey give me a call when you are close.

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

Off to the next thing to do....topher I am going to save some Miller Lite stuff for you. I'll see if andy will mail it for me after the rally:).

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

ok chris and tim and sean and art all want to come to breakfast, and maybe get a bloodymary!

what time should we show up?

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

hey, are tonight's activities cripple friendly? I still want to hang out.

I feel like a moped leper.

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th


In your honor and absence, I just packed my backpack with some oil in a little container (in a Ziploc baggie), along with a flashlight, and the all-important little clean-up cloth, in a baggie, of course. I even wiped down my ped a little bit too. Your spirit lives on in KC!

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

Matt 11:00am on saturday for bloody mary.

linda i'll just carry baggies!:)

Yes it is cripple friendly:)

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th


thats cruel.

but there is some bit of truth to this statement.

i myself have witnessed it.

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

Edward Richardson /

Cooked,Tired,Happy, Thank you for the awesomeness Chuck!

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

hey man

me and harry enjoyed meeting all the moped folks on

saturday morning. and the bikes. what a treat.


Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

so freaking exhausted!

pOST MORE PICTURES! The head count at the Lava room was 59 mopeds. I think more showed up.

Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

Thanks again to the Breakfast Mafia for putting this event together! I have pictures up finally, and a video!



Re: KC Rally July 18th & 19th

hi Greg can you post these on


Re: KC Rally July 18th &amp; 19th

my pics . . .

thanks for organizing.

video soon . . . well, probably soon.

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