Moby replacement belt?

hey guys

I went to napa with my old belt and found one.

NAPA A30 its 1/2" x 32"

Its a little smaller than mine but hey its 30 years old so it might of stretched. What do you guys use? Have you found anything closer?

Re: Moby replacement belt?

NAPA 4L320

Re: Moby replacement belt?

💀Kim Jong illest💀 /

goodyear gatorback 17321

Re: Moby replacement belt?

thanks guys

googled your belts and up came the moped wiki, lol

Looked at mine and its NAPA but made by Gates so I'm good

Re: Moby replacement belt?

toe fur threadkiller /

always check wiki and repair forums [and google] before posting a question like that on the generals.

we like helping, but when the information is already elsewhere on the site, it just clutters things.

and makes you look like you're too lazy to use a search function.

i use 4L320 and it's splendid.

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