1977 Demm Smily

I've got a 1977 Demm Smily and cannot get it running. I have the manual for it and i tried both ways of starting it but it just won't work. So I had my cousin push me real fast down a hill on it and once i picked up speed I pushed in the clutch and gave it a little bit of throttle and it fired up, but once i let out the clutch it stalled. Any advice? I'm pretty sure the carburetor isn't getting any gas, so im taking it apart and cleaning it and the fuel line.

P.S. When it did start up, i think it stalled cus it was only running on the starting fluid i sprayed in the carburetor.

Re: 1977 Demm Smily

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Clean your carb. Smily's are surprisingly quick for their mini carb/intake combo. Make sure the little screen on the side of the carb is clean!

Re: 1977 Demm Smily

And please don't use starting fluid. That stuff will destroy a 2 stroke engine quick. Peace. Jerry.

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