Bicyclists win again!

2008 Pedal vs. Metal Race

Knoxville, TN, "Smart Trips" hosts an annual pedal vs. metal race each year to promote alternatives to driving alone. It involves two "pre-selected" bicyclists and two "pre-selected" motorists who must complete three errands without violating any traffic laws. The first to complete these secret errands are the winners . . . and the bicyclists win again! ALWAYS, hum . . .

Why . . . because mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles were banned from competing.

I tried to enter my moped in the race as an alternative means to driving a car ALONE, but I was told that mopeds and others aka scooters, and motorcycles are heavy "polluters", in fact we are worse than the biggest SUVs. Additionally, I was also told that I wasn't qualified to race, whatever that means? Finally, they directed me to the EPAs site on our "two-wheeled" pollution. Lame.

What ever happened to competition?

Disclaimer: I have nothing against bicycles, in fact I use mine to commute . . . at times.

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E. Tennessee represent

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I.R.E. Mike Pee /

So did they have hard numbers showing we're worse than Hummers? Because we've talked about this on here a lot, and a number of people have tried to research it, but it seems no concrete evidence is there. It seems to just be an anti-2-stroke thing.

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Nope, just that we are the worst things on the road.

Little EVIL two-strokes killing the Earth . . .

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Yes, mile for mile a two-stroke moped is _as_ polluting as an economy car. Statistics making greater or lesser claims have been around for years.

The important thing, though, is the overall fuel consumption, and the usage pattern.

Your moped doesn't launch wars for oil in exotic foreign locales.

Also, look at the mileage on a ped from, say, 1977 (just to pick a random year, totally at random). A moped that's lived a long, long life and carried its owners on hundreds of errands and rallies and rides and bad days has what, 10,000 miles on it? Tops?

Don't try to deny that the shit that comes out of your exhaust pipe stinks. It does, but there are so many other points in favor of a small motorbike.

I agree with Andrew, and think that a moped counts as alternative transportation.

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man i hope this thread turns into either environmentalist-bashing or about how stupid fixies are.

fixies are destroying the earth. all those extra components are ending up in landfills!

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what about that cheesey as all hell moped hybrid that was on here earlier this week?

or a four stroke moped?

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Get an Indian moped and add a catalytic converter, better air filter, and a better spark plug and do a valve job or somin and then go back and say, excuse me i believe its my turn

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George Smith /

lol Well no offense to the environmentalists but we use more fuel now a days to power similar sized cars than 15-20 years ago... My beetle gets 30-35mpg regularly where as my 4 cylinder suzuki sidekick gets 25...So yeah less pollution due to all the pumps and computers and all but uses more gas causing yet more pollution...

Our future is in electric/hydrogen...This is a given...

But until that time I want a god damned new car that gets good fuel economy like the old VW Rabbit Diesel got...or even similar to my old 71 Datsun pickup...

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we do for how much air comes out we give i think 10% more gas than a car but they put way more gas into the air when u start u get a puff they put out that much just a lot more air goes with it.

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Edward Richardson /

Wrong people, what needs to happen is strategically locate mopeds throughout the vicinity and hinder the progress of the bicycle riders, at the same time sponsor a large van with oil dripping onto the exhaust.

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toe fur threadkiller /

my biggest problem with fixies is the pricks who ride them.

elitist bastards.

i'd rather spend my time on the members only forum talking about members only stuff.

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i will blast ur fixi on my solex 200mpg baby, i'd like them to try and tell me my solex pollutes more than a car, especially when I kill the motor and disengage on downhills.

cradle to cradle ppl.

for example a prius is worse in the sustainable sense than a most compact gas cars cuz of manufacturing and disposal of the battery and components.

check this out a bmw diesel 5 series destroys the prius in gas economy. Honestly its about image more than anything, ppl don't actually want to be "green" (whatever that means) they just want to appear so, or do so to the point it doesn't disrupt daily life.

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I have been using WVO as my 2 stroke suppliment, and it smells like frying something good.

Also i use it in my Diesel.

And I recycle my plastics.metals and paper

Plus I plant a tree every 10 feet I drive

So I am good


Ϫ‡☄ಬ∞ ƀƖḬƝƊ ƤǂƿƎ ∞ಬ☄‡Ϫ - Hoke from Black Pipes Moped Gang /

"plus i plant a tree every ten feet i drive.

so i am good"

full of awesome

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