Peugeot Advice for Guy Who Knows Nothing


I recently found a 78 Peugeot for sale and am interested in buying it. It looks great, I test drove it and it seemed to run fine. I have absolutely no experience riding or maintaining a moped, so I'm curious if anyone can offer some advice.

What's the maintenance like for mopeds?

How can I get an accurate quote for the price I should pay?

What's the reliability of this brand? Year?

I would ideally like to drive it to work a couple days a week. It would be 20 miles round trip.

Any advice would be good advice!



Re: Peugeot Advice for Guy Who Knows Nothing

depends. peugeot has 2 models that are common in the US. 102 and 103. if its a 103, its good. fast, light, simple. a few electrical problems and a crappy gurtner carb, but other than that, they are lovely. mopeds are not very reliable, but maintenance is very simple. there really isnt a price quote... but since youre in LA, im guessing it would be pretty expensive compared with what im used to in PA. good luck dude. its a good ped.

Re: Peugeot Advice for Guy Who Knows Nothing

Thanks, Ben!

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