hold my beer and watch this

so the night started out just like any other (drunked) night

everyone was taking turns riding on the moped up and down the street ... the ladys love it :D ... my buddy had just gotten off the phone with his girlfriend and said "let me take it over to her house" i said "no dude hop on the back" so i get it started and he sits on the back tray on my 75 ciao. we head down the road. he yells "ima open a beer !" and the only thing i could reply is "hell yeah" so drinking our beer we jam down this road to this house (only about 3 blocks away) a stop sign comes up and i say "f*ck this sign im going thru it" so we smash thru this stop sign... all i can say is we looked like harry and lloyd... we eventually ended up at the house so as he was talking to his girlfriend i kept driving it around and thats when the problem hit .... the nut on my pulley had fell / stripped off so now i have a delema (sp?)

my moped is now inoperable and i need to find out the size of the nut ..... but boy what a night !!!

Re: hold my beer and watch this

Please drink and moped responsibly.

Re: hold my beer and watch this

Take a picture of which pulley you are talking about.... I just may have the nut for ya.

Re: hold my beer and watch this

where are u located i willl be able to get a picture soon the moped is still at my friends house

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