Re: i need some free advice.

make sure to read up and know how to do a plug chop.

Re: i need some free advice.

Yeah, dustin has a point.

Jetting is more than a number. What you're trying to achieve is an ideal air/fuel mixture.

Too much fuel (which is what happened when you drilled out your jet) will make you bog, or foul plugs, or not run at all.

Too much air (too small of a jet) will cause it to burn too hot. Sometimes you'll go faster running lean, but this isn't what you want. Too much heat and it'll eventually seize, likely ruining your cylinder/piston. This is bad.

So you want to find the perfect balance. You do this by doing plug chops with different jets. Plug chops are easy, but I don't want to explain them here, because they've already been explained very well elsewhere. So your homework is to go find them. Search the wiki, search the repair forums, search the performance tuning forums.

In fact, here. A link :

And another good one:

If you post a question, and it can be answered by that second link, then you'll probably either get a bad response, or no response. Everyone should read Fred's Guide at some point.

Wheee.... Coffee makes me type lots....


Re: i need some free advice.

How much air does your 1980 engine leak? I've had success drilling jets but I went in baby steps. I drilled holes in my airbox, and now I have a noisy intake, it wasn't the answer. You need to have everything working right stock before you start trying to tune it. Get a new jet in the stock size and get it running right. Chances are if you were trying to revive a derelict bike you didn't get the main jet clean enough in the first place. You may find that the new jet will put things right. Also, tape over any airbox holes you may have drilled. Have you de-restricted the exhaust yet? there is a good tutorial on that. There are also other restrictions hidden throughout the intake system. Mine had a plastic insert in the intake and a restrictor tube in the air box.

Re: i need some free advice.

it came with a 58 jet so i went to treats and bought a 60 and a 62. hopefully ill be getting a hi flow filter in the next couple weeks. u think a mower shop would have a high flow air filter?

Re: i need some free advice.

i am guessing they might just laugh at you

Re: i need some free advice.

you didn't think maybe it would have been a good idea to get an air filter from treats with your jets

Re: i need some free advice.

haha true. ill just get one from treats in a couple weeks. ha i rhymed

Re: i need some free advice.

im broke right now

Re: i need some free advice.

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i don't mean to hijack this, but wiffle, what do you mean noisy intake?


Clean your fuel filters

Clean your exhaust /

And clean your carb. and Get a brand new original jet. And leave the rest to professionals.

Re: i need some free advice.

some air boxes are also intake silencers. I think it only applies to piston port engines and not reed valve ones, but man, I was amazed at the amount of noise that can come from an air intake. It must be created by the sudden pressure drop in the crank case causing a "pop" when the transfer ports are uncovered. In a reed engine the fuel is drawn in through the reeds without a sudden pressure change.

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