1982 FA50 help (2nd post)

Thanks Paul for leading me to that section of the site. I posted yesterday, and I worked on the moped today...cleaned the exhaust port, and it runs good. I also cleaned the muffler by heating it up with a torch, so all the carbon melted/burned, and used an air compressor to blow out the soot, also kept doing it until the white smoke began to dissipate, and boy, was there a lot of white smoke. I put everything back together and top speed is about 22-25 mph, which is just fine...here is what I would like advice about next...making it faster :p I know its an old bike, but I'll bet there is a way to get it to 30 or even 35, any advice/tips/ideas? I changed the oil in the transmission case as well, and made sure not to overfill, so that can't be causing any less power. Any help would be appreciated....oh, also, anyone know of a good place to get new tires and tubes, or where they sell that suzuki blue paint? Thanks again everyone.

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