VIN lookup?

I thought I saw awhile ago that someone could look up vins to see if a title was clear but I can't find it now.

Is there someone that can lookup a vin for me?

Re: VIN lookup?

Here in TN you can just go to the courthouse and they will do it for you in registrations for free.

Re: VIN lookup?

Try calling your state's motor vehicle department.

In NJ, they would run VINs and could tell me if a moped had been registered in the state before, but weren't allowed to provide any specific information.

I tried calling the police to see if they could run a VIN before I bought a moped to see if it had been reported stolen, but they refused.

Re: VIN lookup?

Does anyone know of a resource to check VINs against a manufacturer's information? I just want to find out everything I can about my '77 Pinto.

Re: VIN lookup?

When I was considering buying a some what sketchy Magnum, I just called the Columbus Police and gave them the vin off the engine. They told me when it was last registerd and whether it was reported stolen or not.

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