Some asshole gave me an unpaid item strike on ebay

Ok I know i brought this up awhile ago but now its getting me seriously pissed off,this asshole that I buy my Foxi Parts off of on Ebay gave me an Unpaid strike. Could somebody please walk me through how to fill out the form so I can get this guy off my nuts and prove that I paid him. Thanks in Advance



Re: Some asshole gave me an unpaid item strike on

Edward Richardson /

In the wars of commerce nothing covers your ass better than paper, have receipts, canceled checks, and tracking numbers. If you have lost the receipt, check with the retailer that sold you the money order, they should have a record for the time, date, and amount. Check with the company that issued the money order to see if it was cashed, if it wasn't you may be able to cancel it and get a refund. This will take time however, you may have to pay for the item again to keep your source happy in the mean time. Sadly Paypal is a necessary evil in these dark times.

Re: Some asshole gave me an unpaid item strike on

SpartaFoxiLover /

I have the reciept but alas I think in the process of moving out of this dump I boxed it up with the foxi manuals and title. Ill find it and see if it was cashed in the mean time this cocksucker is going to email me the goddamn invoice to the fucking thing till the cows come home.

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