shock dust cover

I'm looking for different dust covers for the front shocks of my sprint because I'm sick of the matte gray stock acordian style dust cover. I've been told to look for the old style short black ones that were on older A35's, but no one seems to have any in stock.

So I was wondering if the newer tomos sprint have the same front shock diameter as the old ones?

because if they do, then I'll just have someone order some of the newer short black dust covers from tomos, and put them on my sprint. Unless some of you guys have other solutions.

Re: shock dust cover

try mountain bike shock boots. I guess they're more readily available than moped shock boots, and are basically the same thing. They come in a variety of colors also. That might be your best bet.

Re: shock dust cover

mikey likes it /

I think they may be to big,

but my father owns a motorcycle shop (offroad)

and hes sitting on a bunch of NOS fork boots from the early 90's

Re: shock dust cover

I found a pair of Mongoose mountain bike dust covers (4") that fit perfectly on the front end of the Yankee Peddler I'm working on.

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