asshole cop.

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Last night hanging out with some friends I got a really bad headache and decided to go home. I rode down the street for a bit then my headlight blew. For what reason I dont know why but it just did. So I decided to ride on home. When I got to the bridge I saw flashing lights behind me so I pulled over.

I stopped and the cops talked to me about the dangers of not haveing a headlight. I explained to them that it's been a long night and that i'll get it fixed tomorrow. They told me to leave so I rode off on my way back home.

When I got close to cristopher newport university I looked behind me (headcheck) to see a campus police officer behind me with no lights on at all (can they do that?). Over the speaker he told me to pull in to the university. I pulled in and to be stopped by the officer that I have had problems with before.

I asked him what was going on and why he stopped me for him to explain that he pulled me over because newport news police had pulled me over. Opon further questioning he told the other officer that he was with that I was the one that was in a HIGH SPEED CHASE with the city police. He told other officers that he suspected that I was on methanphetimenes and that I must be on other things also because I was studdering (I have a speech inpediment) and jittery.

The officer questioned me about being pulled over by him two weeks ago. He said that he pulled me over because I was going at a HIGH RATE OF SPEED through a construction zone. I explained to him and the other officers that this was not true and he stopped me on the third to last week of may to ask me my age. When I said that he moved close to me and explained that If I said that agian that he "would cuff me, put me in the back of his car and take me downtown."

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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