asshole cop.

Last night hanging out with some friends I got a really bad headache and decided to go home. I rode down the street for a bit then my headlight blew. For what reason I dont know why but it just did. So I decided to ride on home. When I got to the bridge I saw flashing lights behind me so I pulled over.

I stopped and the cops talked to me about the dangers of not haveing a headlight. I explained to them that it's been a long night and that i'll get it fixed tomorrow. They told me to leave so I rode off on my way back home.

When I got close to cristopher newport university I looked behind me (headcheck) to see a campus police officer behind me with no lights on at all (can they do that?). Over the speaker he told me to pull in to the university. I pulled in and to be stopped by the officer that I have had problems with before.

I asked him what was going on and why he stopped me for him to explain that he pulled me over because newport news police had pulled me over. Opon further questioning he told the other officer that he was with that I was the one that was in a HIGH SPEED CHASE with the city police. He told other officers that he suspected that I was on methanphetimenes and that I must be on other things also because I was studdering (I have a speech inpediment) and jittery.

The officer questioned me about being pulled over by him two weeks ago. He said that he pulled me over because I was going at a HIGH RATE OF SPEED through a construction zone. I explained to him and the other officers that this was not true and he stopped me on the third to last week of may to ask me my age. When I said that he moved close to me and explained that If I said that agian that he "would cuff me, put me in the back of his car and take me downtown."

Re: asshole cop.

so what happened? that sucks dude. its truly unfortunate that so many cops fall to the dark side when given power.

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They wouldnt let me go. They called my dad and had him come pick me up. I woke up this morning and my moped wasnt outside so I'm hoping its still in the back of my dads work truck and that he didnt tak it back.

Re: asshole cop.

one thing that pissed me off really bad was he and the other officer was saying they that they pulled me over cause I pulled out in front of a car. They said the

"car" had to slam on their brakes cause i just stopped in the middle of the road and that they where worried about my safty. At the time there was no cars around (12:20 at night) and the cop was the only one behind me.

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if anything bad happens sue the police station

Re: asshole cop.

I would file official complaints against them if you got their badge numbers or names. I dont think there is much else you can do in this situation. If they confiscate your ped you can take the town to court over it, and argue they have no basis for confiscation. And if they have any inconsistancies in their slips or reports compared to what they say you can nail them on that and it will likely go in your favor very quickly.

Unfotunately there are a lot of shitty cops just like there are shitty people in this world. But please don't stereotype this jackass with all cops. there are plenty of nice ones out there too. Im going to be a police officer soon, and I can say every time i see one of you guys I'm just gonna wave, and if I ever pull anyone over its just to see what sick mods they have.

Re: asshole cop.

Moped = high rate of speed?

Since when?

Re: asshole cop.

im not calling all cops assholes. Only the one I have delt with.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot /

there are two types of cops, the ones who feel a sense of civic duty and cares about public saftey and the ones who crave power over the average joe in the street, probablly because they were sniveling wusses when they were kids. you get pulled over and you don't know whats coming .

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Wow! You should really look into the NN city ordinances, they have their own set of rules regarding mopeds and scooters that are crazy restrictive. Yer lucky the city cops didn't get you for anything on that list, oh, wait, they can't read, or write, and most of them are tooo lazy to enforce anything.

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I would have told that pig to go back to his Dunkin donut shop and finish feeding his face.Ive delt with asshole cops also And let me tell you its not fun at all.

Re: asshole cop.

toe fur threadkiller /

there are two types of cops...

super-macho alpha males with inferiority complexes, moustaches, and a bent for power and violence....


super dicks who need to bully _someone_ now that they're out of high school and all the kids they beat up in school are super-smart ivy tech grads and rich enough to sue their ass to topeka and back if they so much as piss on the lawn.

i'm a little biased.

i've met plenty of nice, polite, pleasant, helpful guys that turned out to be cops, but i've never met a nice, polite, pleasant, helpful cop.

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Cops will usually start out with insults, humiliations. If your girl friend is with you you might hear, "I don't know, she looks like a whore to me" or infer that you are gay. They want to anger you so that you will say something that allows them to take further action. Smiling sweetly foils this to a degree but that you are not taking the bait can anger them but at least they can't legitimately fuck with you. They still can lie and say the most bazaare shit in court.

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Tom Rainwater /

You need to speak with the local police chief.

If your not satisfied with his reaction from polite conversation

file a formal written complaint.

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Am I the only one in the whole country that has never been stopped by a cop while riding a moped? I've been stopped for speeding 12 or 13 times in cars, and out of all that, I only got 2 tickets, and even the cops that gave me the tickets were polite. Peace. Jerry.

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I'v had similar run ins with the cops. they dont know shit.

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BryAn eurism /

The quickest way to turn on the "please pull me over" sign over your head is to ride a bicycle or anything that resembles one WITHOUT A HEADLIGHT. This pissed me off once. I was riding next to a cage without its lights on at night. I started to flash mine on & off hoping they would get the hint. Dude had out-of-state plates too. Anyway a cop rolls ME. I stop and he asks what I think I'm doing. I explain this guy's lights weren't on. He says neither are mine and to get off and walk it if I didn't want him to take it away. Meanwhile geezer gets to mow down some bus riders in the dark or something. Frickin cops are cager lovers sometimes. I do have more luck getting off though. a good 'yes sir no sir' attitude will go a long way in making sure you sleep in your own bed tonight

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Hi jerry how ya doing guy? BTW whats a cage???

Re: asshole cop.

Edward Richardson /

Wow, you guys have it rough out there, in Kansas City,Mo the Police have bigger fish to fry and we usually get a friendly wave. When we hang out a the 7-11 during the regular Sun. rides they come over and talk, we're part of the local scene. The Fire Dept. loves us and shows us their Harleys.

Now if you cross over the State Line into Mission Hills you might wake up in Gitmo Camp X-Ray, but they're still pissed about the Border Wars.

My little town on the Kansas side just got rid of our police force in a budget cut. So one drive through a day from the county and we're on our own. So today GF and I got to ride around town on our unplated bikes he he.

Re: asshole cop.

Yea cops are usually nice as long as your not a douche bag to them and act polite, also if cops are dicks to you you can report them bade Id and name and file a complaint and they will get warnings.. after a certain amount of people complain there fired and cant work as a police office rin the state

Re: asshole cop.

_Hi jerry how ya doing guy? BTW whats a cage???_

That would be a motor vehicle on which the occupants are surrounded by bits of metal, i.e. - a car.

Re: asshole cop.

no groms no blasters /


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