Spammer on Baltimore craigslist

Have you guys noticed this douchebag spamming the Balitmore craigslist?

All these "looking for old dead moped", "nonrunning moped" sorta posts, he has made at least 10 today. I keep flagging them as spam and they keep disappearing but he keeps posting more. Its slimy anyway to ask people to basically give away old mopeds when you know they are worth more.

Re: Spammer on Baltimore craigslist

Why is it spamming. Yes it's annoying, but he offering a service to remove shit from their yards for free. It's fair.

Get em how you can get em. He's just being a 16 year old.

Re: Spammer on Baltimore craigslist

Its spamming when you put the same three postings on there 10 times a day.

Re: Spammer on Baltimore craigslist

someones a little salty because they didnt think of it first...

if a moped is dead and the person doesnt care its not ripping them off

Re: Spammer on Baltimore craigslist

I just did it in Denver but I won't be a bitch about it, I'm offering money for good stuff.

Once a week.


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