Re: trolling's over .. Law's taking over

Don't do it Moto! It will be funny when he calls at the rally, not when he calls you every single day afterwards.

Re: trolling's over .. Law's taking over

***Kim Jong illest*** /

targa, ill put you on speaker and you can plead your case to the entire moped rally. ill even put it up to a megaphone so everyone can hear you. then you can tell us in your own words.

Re: trolling's over .. Law's taking over


God put us here to say what we say on this board...

It seems pretty callous of you to come here and disrupt god's plan.


hey eschuk plz email me. i have tried emailing your profile but got a bounce back. i would love to chat =)

Re: trolling's over .. Law's taking over

Why would you try to kill an entire forum over tomos oil injectors?

Regardless over how mad you are, how deeply insulted you are, you do realize that you are making malicious attempts to ruin something that a lot of us have a lot of personal value in. We love this community. Right now you are trying to kill it.

The people you had a problem with was initially only a small percentage. When your antics cluttered up the board, more people got involved and made ultimately meaningless comments about you (ranging anywhere from "you're crazy" to "you're a child molester") in an attempt to make you stop.

Nonetheless, you're still only dealing with a percentage of this community in a negative way. The rest of us are still going about our moped learning business. This isn't an inherently bad forum/community/scene as you seem to think. We're not the ones taking malicious action. We're not trying to hurt anybody, you are. The only things that Harold has done has been an attempt to contain you, not hurt you.

If you want an apology, I'll give you one, from me, that I genuinely feel: I'm sorry that you cannot benefit from this otherwise great place.

p.s. The ice cream was real and still stands; if you can prove a single multiple identity that has been used "against" you, I will buy you ice cream. You can come down to St. Louis and we'll all ride to Ted Drewes, or I'll just send you 5 bucks and you can get yourself a treat.

p.p.s. I'm not saying this for anyone else's benefit, this is just me to targaped. I don't want this to come off as me thinking I'm making an address on behalf of MA.


email away!

Hi Bob!



Re: Hi Bob!

Re: Hi Bob!

So targa ped if you show me the line that shows harold was threatening any one (besides saying they a gonna mess up your computer) I will think about taken your side but every thing I have read was nothing that had to do with threatening any one but doing stuff to your computer. SO is the computer like your son you never had? Or is it where you find a life where you can get away from the hard woek of writeing poem's.

Re: Hi Bob!

I did a search on him last night too and got that pic. There was another site that the people there were perplexed with something he wrote about, but I couldn't find the actual reference.

I would love to be there when the Internet Mounties come and read all of this. I'm sure they'd be rolling. It's really hard to open up this thread without busting out in tears from laughing.

Re: Hi Bob!

I'm having fun with photoshop tonight......

Re: Hi Bob!

now there's a store and you can buy a shirt

Re: Hi Bob!

I'd just like to point out, before he says we hax0red his system, that he revealed his own identity...

Re: Hi Bob!

Why so expensive? Get his picture, put it on a shirt along with his name and something libelous, and I might pay $25 for one.

Re: Hi Bob!

there so expensive because i really don't want to make shirts

I just thoungt this would be funny

btw there has been 167 hits since the sites creation on 6/21

Re: Hi Bob!

Hey Robert Mosurinjohn (No Longer referring to him by his Aliases, Targaped, Michael Sweetbird, Diane's Ex, Etc...) Doesn't sitting on a Moped bother your Prostate Cancer Treatment? And with Vision Loss, aren't you having a hard time reading and posting on this forum?

Well, it looks like your quite the enthusiast with mopeds, and frankly, you can post on here faster than any of us can keep up!

I'm glad those Benefits you're recieving from the ODSP are paying for something like you trying to get an apology from a largely apathetic forum... It seems to me like you're collecting something you shouldn't be, can you say "Fraud?"

Truth be told, you represent everything that Killed America... Canada is next.


_As a benefits recipient, 61-year-old Bob Mosurinjohn has nothing but sympathy for Ontario Disability Support Program workers, who he says are dangerously overworked.

"I have felt sorry for them for the past five years," Mosurinjohn said, who receives ODSP benefits for prostate cancer as well as some hearing and vision loss. _

Call the police, tell them those evil Internetters are rehashing published articles and GDP material.

Bye (Not Bi) All

Robert Mosurinjohn /

I know I have friends here .. I know there are people here who don't know what happened to initiate and continue all of this .. who don't read enough posts to find out, but there are too many to sift through anyway. But there are also people who lack simple morality and any concept of respect or self respect. It's sad. Too much dope and alcohol I guess. I have a drink now and then, but I limit it. I don't use dope. It screws the brain. I would like to keep in touch with the people here who are my friends, but I don't know who you are. The impostor/impostors are too numerous .. too well equipped with computers and internet knowledge and minds that can't relate to others on a human level. My problem was never with Moped Army, but with a minority of posters .. and obviously with Harold .. and Harold does have many personalities here .. and he and I almost became friends, but not quite. So .. it is adieu. I am tired of it. I did my best. I'm sure most people did their best, except those who are just given to turbulence. I did email the police when my son in law's computer was threatened .. who wouldn't? I did report the threat and Libel to the Internet Provider. That is common sense. I will have to follow through with them as I've already sent the evidence. I'm genuinely sorry it all came to that. I'm genuinely sorry I couldn't be friends with everyone, and I mean every single person here. I do have affection for you all because riding a moped is an environmental pleasure, a state of mind and heart .. we all loose by what happened here, but there is no fix .. the anger is getting worse .. the threats have begun. Also, we live vastly different lives and lifestyles. So I will just say a sad goodbye. And I am gone.

We win!!!

I miss him already.

Re: We win!!!

he's not gone you know he'll be back, i give it about an hour till he post more shit

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

Dude I have nothing against you. What I did not like was you spamming the forums if you did not spamm and all I would not have a problem with you.

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

you know just to be safe i think we should ban you and i plan on contacting the Peterborough Ministry of Community and Social Services tomorrow when they open. i know they are understaffed and overworked but they might not like how you are using their aid.

oh and p.s. cogeco cable is really interested in your activities. it seems that you are using someone else's internet to access this site. maybe your retirement homes? lol.


Sorry to hear of your troubles. Preliminary investigation seems to show that the individual you cite, Robert Mosurinjohn, is not actually our subscriber and alternate reports we are receiving on this IP seem to indicate that this user's system(s) is compromised and allowing others to relay messages/activities through their compromised system(s). I will indeed contact our customer however it's quite possible that the miscreant harassing your website is not actually a Cogeco subscriber and is, instead, relaying their activities through our subscriber's compromised machine to

evade detection.

or maybe u are stealing someones wifi and using it to cause chaos on the internet. your social worker is gonna love that.

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

He did say that "his son in law's" computer was threatened. It may well not be his internet. Perhaps his "Son in law's"?

Wait. I don't give a rodent's rectum about any of this.


Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

You know, that's a good point. Either way, though, his son-in-law (or whoever's internet he's using) needs to know about his behavior. Hopefully if he's actually using his family's internet they can get him the kind of help he apparently needs, or at least exert some control and keep him away from the rest of us.

As for him being gone, well, I'll believe it when I see it.

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

If anybody doubts the technical credibility of this message, the IP Address does originate from the peterborough municipal internet connection where Robert Mosurinjohn is from

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

toe fur threadkiller /

i've been scolded for laughing too loud in the goshen library while reading all of this....

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

lol at topher!

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

ding dong the bitch is dead the bitch is dead woo hoo

In like 5 minutes he'll be posting how god will smite thy brotha and plagueith tho neighboor.

Crazy old man...

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All

I can turn my back on you kids for 2 fucking minutes and you've run amok!!!!!!!!!!!!

uhhhh. what was the question?

Re: Bye (Not Bi) All


Re: Bye (Not Bi) All


well guys, it was a bloody fight but we made it through, both of targaped's IP's have been banned and other steps have been taken to help ensure hes not coming back any time soon.

the troll cage seems to have worked. i think that even a troll can only stand up to the onslaught of vicious 20 somethings for so long. hell, we didnt even have a lot of our big guns lit up. where the fuck was Matt Smith, Terry Dean, Cool Nathan and the other "member" e-warriors for this one? tssk tssk.

but yeah, put away the cage for now. i'll see if i can make it stronger for next time, and /sigh you know there's gonna be one eventually. hopefully he is as dumb as the last one.

sleep well moped army. you have won!

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