OT: The Targaped (is crazy) thread

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I'm loving Harold's idea, mostly because I always want to post witty responses to him, but also don't want to contribute to the problem.

There was a short time where I actually liked Targaped, where I thought it was pretty neat that he'd gone on that trip... Then I heard about it another six thousand times, and started to get really irked. I remember this feeding my anger when he started to get offensive to anyone who said anything that wasn't praising tomos. Not that I have a problem with tomos, just that, well... We all know he doesn't listen to reason Now, but at that point I still had hope.

His most recent post (that I got to read) was something about using little teeth cleaning things to clean carbs (OMG, totally not in the manual).. He even said that other similar things had melted down, and god damnit I wanted to point that out. You don't just dip random things in carb cleaner, it eats through everything petroleum based that I've sprayed it near.

Then he follows up by slandering Harold, and about how he posts all sorts of useful things that Harold deletes.

I know this guy can't be for real, and when I walk away for a moment, I'm able to come to terms with the fact that he's just trying to piss people off.

But man it feels good to bitch about him somewhere.

I also thing it might be neat if people could C&P some of his older stuff, there's gota be a hole in his story somewhere. I know Wari made mistakes that were brought to light later on..

Re: OT: The Targaped (is crazy) thread

Here is the thread asking for a ban on targaped which is now locked

"HAROLD can we vote targaped/zizz account deletion?":https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/1/525282/525282/

here is some history on Targadouche

7,500 Canadian trip url. by: targaped


targaped makes a post about how he discovered this amazing secret called a restrictor in the tomos pipe. he makes the same thread in multiple sections of MA. people get pissed, tell him #1 duh, we all know that and #2 most of us upgrade to an expansion exhaust. dude flips out.

Tomos' Dirty Little Secret. by: targaped


Jerry comes back to the forums. of course the inevitable argument about tomos oil injection and premixing comes up. targaped is convinced that tomos is infallible and gets very upset when people tell him just because HIS moped never had a problem with it doesnt mean they work all the time. people tell him that when you kit or upgrade u gotta take it off and u should anyway on older models because they are KNOWN to fail. dude flips out.

ani-remove injector clique. by: targaped


ahhh and then the fun begins. i had already emailed him a couple times. responded to his moped poet thread in a very nice, funny, welcoming manner. i figured the guy was just a little cooky. i start getting rambling emails. and stop responding. i get a bunch more emails and then dude flips out. so he posts this...

Expose the corruption. by: targaped


which dan locked. and then this.....

Moderator Breaks Olive Branch by: Deleted


oh but wait, now the real fun begins. the rest of these THREADS not posts were all made by dude within the last 24 hours. i've locked half of them. MA cries for dude to get banned. he is a nutso. these are ONLY his threads. i am not even including his responses on other peoples threads.....

there are 2 main IP's that seem to be associated with this user. you will have to check out the different threads to see what i am talking about.

Derek's a DickHead. by: targaped


Fuck you too Travis. by: targaped


Moped Jay's an expert. by: targaped


I will do it, too. by: i_might_return_again


I think I'll take a break, boys and girls. by: targaped


Don't mistreat anyone ever again. by: i_might_return_again


I've been in conflict with. by: targaped


So long Jay. by: targaped


I genuinely want to get out. by : targaped


There seems no way. by: targaped


Lockdown for Jerry. by: targaped


Just Give it up. by: targaped


Who I'll be next. by: targaped


James G. by: targaped


Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

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I'm sure you're beautiful on the inside to someone, Bob....

..like maybe a butcher..

..Or just someone who likes people's insides..

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

HAHAHAHAHAHA you kill me zack

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

lol, I'm glad someone saw my jab before the post it was attached to got deleted.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

On a side note, since I posted this, like... ten minutes ago, I've counted six posts that Harold deleted between this, and the 'how to deal with trolls' thread. Some of them pretty ugly.

I didn't know just how much work it took to silence this guy.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

to top it all off, i think im gonna go through the last couple of months and delete every post by targaped except the crazy nutso ones. what do u guys think?

also do u think i should let him post in this thread? or just make it so we are all talking shit about him and he cant defend himself, kinda like the position he put the rest of us in with his asinine threads?

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

9 posts.... lol.

Re: I can keep up

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

nah, let him squirm.hes the gas that runs this motor.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

Gah, it's tempting. I love to debate with him, but if he has a voice, he might take it as encouragement to keep comming back.

I think we let him post in here, for now. Maybe delete the ones like "24/7" that do nothing to move the topic forward, but ones where he tries to engage us should stay.

That'd mean lots of work for you, so it's really your call.

And on a side note...

DUDE! TARGA! You should call me, it would be nice to know you exist, and I'm sure it would be priceless dialogue.


You can even leave me messages.

hey targa douche

maybe you might want to actually READ this thread instead of just posting in it. the "transformation from weird hippy to crazy asshole": is actually really interesting.

i know im just shouting in to the wind because there is no reasoning with a nutbag like you but, just give it a shot. why dont you re-examine how this all started in the first place.

what it all comes down to is either you are crazy and out of order or the WHOLE REST OF THE SITE IS CRAZY. which do you think is more likely?

You promise not to yell at me?

how you do your I.D.s 7x7 /

I don't like people yelling at me.

Re: You promise not to yell at me?

"I don

Re: You promise not to yell at me?

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

I don't yell at people. I just can't be positive you exist without speaking with you. Surely you can understand.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

delete him.

MA shouldnt be his playground except where you designate it.

i am mildly amused with the number of posts you have deleted here alone.

but choose one spot he can be himself if you so like. maybe he should have his own OT Troll Allowed thread. well, that's rude. maybe OT bobtargapedtargemopedpoetziss allowed. that way he can say his peace, and people can talk to him there.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

so...is he gone? I hope he keeps riding for his own sake. I used to think his old crazy hippyness was endearing. That, while he was a funky dude, he was a good guy in person.

Yet, in the end, his ranting and raving, inability to cope with everyday internet insults, and (as of recently) just generally malicious spamming, it makes it hard to think he's okay. Not to mention his insults to the admins of this site (who work damn hard to keep this site sexy as indicated above) and crazy/irritating conspiracy theories.

I've generally stayed out of this, I didn't have a reason to say anything to him. I don't have a tomos, or oil injector. I was interested in his trip, though. I just sort of think of this as a disconnect between today's youth and older people who didn't grow up with the internet. No matter what, he took things people said more seriously than he wanted.

...I just sort of picture him riding his tomos out into the world babbling and chuckling to himself...


Re: Oh I understand alright

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

I knew it.

You don't exist!

Youuuuu dooooon't exiiiiisssssssttttttt!

Ok targadouche u are allowed to post here if......

you keep the relavent information INSIDE THE POST BODY ITSELF.

i'll let you post here but if i see you continue to use the post subject as part of your response im gonna delete that shit.

so DO NOT DO what I JUST DID. if you do your responses will never be here for more than a few seconds =(

Re: Alex is swell


damnit dude, I felt kinda poetic.


Re: Alex is swell

haha u caged him only allow some posts thru lolz

Re: Alex is swell

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

Harold, you should call me.

Don't be a Dixpotater Harold

Freedom lives or dies /

It all started when you, Harold, brought in your other identities to insult me because I favoured oil injectors.

Re: Don't be a Dixpotater Harold

do you honestly believe that? really? if so you are wayyyyy beyond the tin foil hat level.

Re: Don't be a Dixpotater Harold

its dixpotater head!

Re: Don't be a Dixpotater Harold

toe fur threadkiller /

harold, which of your identities built the monstrosity that has been recently unboxed on my bed?

'cause, if that identity is a girl, i want to marry her.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

Yeah right Alex - ordinary internet insults just don't cut what I caught. There was serious hatred and jealousy flung my way .. and I resisted the temptation to fling it back a long time.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

btw dummy, this is your troll cage. even if u dont fuck up the subject line all your posts in other threads will be deleted.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

YES!troll cage! lets poke it with sticks!

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

Man i gotta use the toilet.

Anyone got a yellow targa?

do you honestly believe that? really? if so you are wayyyyy beyond the tin foil hat level.

oh hell ya he's way beyond tin foil hat level.

Re: 7 Computers I've got 24/7

toe fur threadkiller /


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