mopeding out of state

i just went to the DMV to register my moby and for the hell of it i asked if they ever herd of any problem with mass people riding mopeds in new hampshire

she told me that im not supposed to leave mass on a moped and its against the law to ride a mass registered moped in new hampshire

i wonder if this is true or she just doesnt know what she is talking about

mass and NH laws do not say anything about mopeds registered out of state

Re: mopeding out of state

if you get pulled over for it the cop is an up tight noob.

i say go for it. if you do just tell the cop you didnt know and head back across...

Re: mopeding out of state

As long as you're Registered and Licensed in your state, you're good. NH doesn't require insurance, which would be the only issue (If you went from a state Not-Requiring Insurance to a Requiring State, eg: NH to Jersey)

Re: mopeding out of state

carry a list of your laws and proof that u r from where u say and any paper work that proves u r legal there (title,bill of sale, registration,ect.)

Re: mopeding out of state

i been riding in NH for years and have only been stopped and let go but the only reason i asked is cause this girl i know rode her 50cc scooter which is moped legal in mass and nh to nashua and the cop stopped her and they confiscated her scooter and fined her $300 for driving an unregistered vehicle

then it cost her $150 to get it back from impound she went to court to fight it and lost

i dont see how they have the right to do that its not our fault they dont issue moped plates in mass we only get a stupid little pink sticker

Re: mopeding out of state

This is a great question.

I was buzzing all over new york this weekened, with my little mass sticker on the back and the paperwork for my bike somewhere in a pile at home.....

then i noticed that expresses out there had licence plates on em.

Luckily there are no police out there so it didnt matter but this question deserves and answer!

Re: mopeding out of state

i think tomorrow il call the big DMV in boston and il also call the one in concord nh see what they say

Re: mopeding out of state

that seems a bit far fetched. I used to live in Mass, and now I live in NH. And i've always lived on the MA/NH border. I've never had any problems. I think as long as your legally registered in your state of residence you shouldn't have a problem. I know in Mass they used to just give out a sticker that you put on the back fender, as well as a registration slip. In NH you get a plate and a reg slip.

I also have never read anything saying that if you were riding in another state you would have problems. As long as you have all the legal requirements in Mass to ride you should be ok in NH as far as I know. Thats like saying your License is so good in another state which is silly. A lot of the people in

Mass DMV's are idiots, they don't know all the laws half the time. Hell, most cops don't even know moped laws.

Re: mopeding out of state

i buy a lot of peds from Mass and dont get to registering them for a while. the sticker will still be good, but no NH regie. ive never been stopped.

shit, now i think of it.. every moped i buy i ride for at least 2-3 weeks without a plate.. i never get pulled over. i dont think you should have a problem. but if it _is_ registered, then you might as well bring your registration info with you just to prove it.

Re: mopeding out of state

every state is different, but if you are legal in your own state and carry a copy of the statutes with you, you should be able to argue your way out of a ticket or confiscation. and you should also be able to show that you are from that state as well, not just trying to have a moped from an unregistered state.

doesnt mean you will not meet a cop who will take an opposing view, but be polite and stick to your states laws.

Re: mopeding out of state

I have insurance through rider insurance It's 74.00 for a year it's basic but makes you legal in New Jersey. Along with my reg. N.J. may require all motor veh. to have insurance.

Re: mopeding out of state

If you are legally registered in MA you can ride anywhere and other states have to honor the MA registration...

I got stopped in VT by an old cop because I had no plate...

He looked at my paperwork and scratched his head and was friendly and let me continue on my way....

NH is just a sucky police state and all the cops are like storm trooper assholes!

Re: mopeding out of state

My mopeds are registered in AZ, and I have ridden in CA, NM, and TX, with no problems. But, AZ requires the whole ball of wax for mopeds. They have to be registered, plated, and insured. Plus I always wear a helmet, and have a motorcycle endorsement. I have never been stopped in another state, or AZ for that matter, and have never had a problem with the border crossing stations. But things seem to be different out west. Out here, the big thing is immigration roadblocks. Peace. Jerry.

Re: mopeding out of state

well i talked to this guy that used to work for lawrence dmv he says he never herd of that law

he thinks the lady might of thought i only have my learners permit which your not allowed to ride in nh with

either way im riding to woodstock next weekend anyway

the only towns i ever get stopped in are plaistow kingston and brentwood cause the cops are all dickheads in those towns except for karen in plaistow she is cute and nice

Re: mopeding out of state

I used to live in MD, where I didn't need titles, registration, or insurance for my scooters. I always wanted to take one with me when vacationing at the Jersey shore, but knew about NJ's strict laws, so I never did.

Frankly, it's a states rights issue, what vehicles they allow on their roads, and it's up to us to make sure we're legal.

Case in point: I since moved to NJ and now can't ride my scooters at all. Since I didn't need titles in MD, I never got any, and in NJ anything without pedals is a motorcycle, which requires full paperwork. I don't have any right to keep using them here, even though they were legit in another state.

You really have to keep on top of local laws, so do some research before planning a ride. In Princeton Township, there are no local ordinances regarding mopeds at all, whereas in Princeton Borough, just a mile or two in length, you can't park mopeds on sidewalks except at bicycle racks. Local cops are paid to enforce their own local laws, and won't take ignorance lightly.

Re: mopeding out of state

Mike McScoutington /

Look at it like this. In MI we only require a plate for the rear or our cars. Are we legal to ride in states that require plates on both the front and the rear? Yes. As long as you carry a copy of your moped laws from the DMV or where ever don't worry about it. If you can provide proof that you are a legal resident from our state and that you have the laws from said state, you are in the clear. Helmet laws are about the only thing that strays from that school of thought.

Re: mopeding out of state

ya to say it agian legal in your state is legal in all states

helmet laws need to be followed per state

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