Neat Moped Photos

I just thought this was a cool photo and wanted to share it with everybody.

I was going to a friends house for a little get-together and wanted something to carry some things in. While I was looking for the old backpack I'm wearing I found an the old hat which was part of a Halloween costume last year. I put them both on and headed to that parking lot to wait for a friend who did not know directions to the house we were going to.

I just tried to find a spot that she would easily be able to find me, parked my moped and sat down. She pulled up and could barley breathe she was laughing so hard (which is what I was going for!) Well she hopped out of her car and snapped this pic.

Anybody else have any good/funny pictures of them and their moped in funny situations?

I wasn't sure if I should submit this to the photo section of this site since I take up most of the picture and you can't really see the bike all that well.

Anyway here it is and post up your favorite pic of you and your moped!


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